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Once you have set up an account you will see five tabs

My Routes

Labels & Route Filtering. Routes may be labeled (or tagged) in order to group together related routes. Each label has a name and a colour (for quick visual identification). You can create new labels by clicking the manage labels link (or when you save a new route). Labels can be assigned to routes when they are saved or on the routes page via the labels icon link on each route's listing. Multiple labels can be applied to each route. How you use the labels to structure you routes is up to you. You can just use them as folders/directories if you wish. Once your route have labels you can filter the route view to show just those routes tagged with a certain label. To do this click on the label by which you wish to filter, either on the main label list above the routes or on a label within an individual route.

Route Sorting. Your list of route can be sorted by the route name, sport or distance in either ascending or descending order. Just click the up or down arrow next to the relevant field name. Sorting preserves any existing filtering that is set - so you are reordering the current filtered route set and not necessarily seeing all of your routes.

Import GPX Data. Pressing this button enables you to import a GPX file from a Garmin or other navigational device.

The following functions are only available on previously saved routes.

  • Editing Routes. Press the Edit button and you will be taken to the Mapping your route page where you change previously saved routes. In order to save the changes you have be sure to press the Save Route button.
  • Cloning Routes. Pressing the Clone button saves a copy of the route in your list of routes.
  • Sharing Routes. Pressing the Share button takes you to a page which enables you to send an email message with a route link to your contacts (see ‘My Contacts’ below).
  • Deleting Routes. Pressing the Delete button removes the route from your list of routes.
  • Searchable. Check this box in order for your route to be viewable in the Search Engine


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Training logs

You can log details for any routes you have saved (or gym sessions). Select the appropriate route from the ‘Select route’ box, enter the date, the time you took to run / cycle / walk the route and the effort. You can also enter any comments. Press the log route button will create a new entry on your log. In order to see your training in the graph you will have to log more than one entry. You can also set a target time.

The route log includes the Date, Time (the time you took to travel the route), Mins (the minutes per mile), Effort and Comments.

See the training log help for more details

Social Networks

On this page you can authorise and de-authorise Mapometer use your existing Facebook and Twitter accounts for login/authentication.

The auto-share feature lets you automatically tweet or post-to-wall newly mapped routes or newly logged activities. The posts will be the text you add in the template followed details of the route / activity (added automatically).

If you have your twitter log template set to "I've just done a " and you then log a time of 32mins 17secs for route number 12345 (which is 3.12 Miles long) it tweeted as:
"I've just done a 3.1 Mile run in 32:17."
The URL will be automatically shortened by twitter.

Auto-share on Facebook requires you to give additional permissions to Mapometer to post on your behalf. If you haven't yet given these permissions, you'll be redirected to Facebook to authorise these additional permissions.


Here you can delete your account, change your user name, email address and password, preferred subdomain and newsletter preferences. Be sure to press the ‘Save’ button when you have made changes. You can also set a default location and zoom level and turn on and off settings, change your default sport, specify miles or kms, calories or joules. Press the ‘Save as Defaults’ button once you have made any changes.

My Contacts

Press the ‘Add Contact’ button to add names and addresses to your contact list.

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