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Privacy Policy

Privacy Principles

  1. We do not request or store your personal information unless we really need it.
  2. We restrict access to your data to those individuals within Mapometer, and any partnering organisations, that require access in order to process in on behalf of Mapometer.
  3. We will not share your personal information with any party not involved in providing Mapometer's services unless compelled to do so by law.

Information Collected

  1. Account information

    If users of the app choose to synchronise their data with an account on our website, any data they create using the app may be copied to our servers. This data is used for the maintenance and back-up of the user's account.

    If users opt-in to receiving update emails, their registered email address will be used for this purpose. Those users that opt-out of receiving regular updates may still be emailed if we consider the information sent to be critical to their continued use of our services.

  2. Server logs

    As with most other website and app operators, Mapometer collects information that servers typically make available. This includes non-personally-identifying information such as: information requested from or uploaded to our server; and the time / date of each request.

    These logs may also include the IP address for each request, which may, (theoretically) make it possible to identify the user associated with each logged request.

    Server logs are used principally to help in debugging and improving the operation of our services.

User's right to withdraw consent and delete data

  1. Users may continue to use the app, but cease to share new account data by unlinking their app from its associated website account.
  2. Users may delete their stored website data by deleting their associated website account. This facility is available on the website.
  3. It should be noted that while deleting website data will immediately remove any of the users data from the live website, historic data may be retained in our backups for a maximum of 90 days.

Notification of Changes

Any non-trivial changes to this privacy policy will sent by email to all registered users. Since not all app users will have registered an email address, such users should check this document periodically.