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Solution to bug in the training log

Several people reported that the Save button wasn’t working properly when they tried to log a new route.  Pressing the refresh button on your browser should solve this.  For the more technically minded this was due to browsers caching old JavaScript files from before we updated the site.

Thanks to John and others for help in solving this.

Any other issues please email here.


The more observant of you may have noticed a few changes on the site today (including the introduction of the blog page).  We’re testing them at the moment so it would be really helpful if you could let us know on this page if you have any issues.


Mapometer Altitude

We made a small change to the site recently.  When you click the “Show Altitude Graph” we are now showing the minimum height, maximum height, total ascent and total descent.  The altitude is always shown now when you print out your map.

How to use the Mapometer Search Engine

Mapometer Search Engine

1.  Go to this page

2.  Find the location on the map of where you want to find routes.  The search engine will work faster if you select a smaller area.

3.  Adjust the slider bar to the distance you are looking for and deselect the route types you don’t need.

4.  Press “New Search”

If you want to look in a different area you have to move the map, press “Change Search Criteria” and press “New Search” again.  The search engine shows the routes that have been viewed the most first.  With time this should improve the quality of routes shown first.

Searchable routes – coming soon

We made a few small changes to the site last night.  In the “My Routes” list there is now a “searchable” box which defaults as checked.  We are working on a way for people to search for and share routes which hopefully will be ready in a month or so.  If you don’t want your route to be searchable simple uncheck this box.

Mapometer Searchable