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Login problems?

Over the weekend we had a few emails from users who had problems logging in.  It seems be be affecting a small percentage of users who have created more than one account and one of them is linked to Facebook.

If you have problems please email us at and we will look into it.

Auto-share new maps and training logs on Facebook and Twitter








We’ve just updated the site with a special new feature for users that log on through Facebook and Twitter. Now, whenever you map a new route or log a training session, you can choose to have this automatically posted on Facebook and Twitter. It is turned off by default so to turn this feature on login to go to My Account and then Social Networks.



iOS5 and Mapometer

Since Apple have released iOS 5 we have had a flood of comments and emails about Mapometer not working any more on iPads or iPhones.





We are hoping Apple will release an update but we are looking into possible solutions so please bear with us.


UPDATE – It seems that it is only affecting a small amount of users now.  If you are one of them or if anyone has worked out how to stop it happening please let us know.

Mapometer and Open Street Map

We have made a small upgrade to Mapometer than will make a huge difference to our users.   The maps on Open Street Map are continually improved by the users themselves.  If you find a mistake in the map, all you have to do his head over to their site and make the change yourself!  This means that  the maps are much more up-to-date than the Google maps.  Open Street Maps also includes footpaths, bridle paths and cycling routes which will be really useful for Mapometer users.

To access the Open Street Map layer simply click on the button on the map.







Please note that Mapometer will not auto follow paths if you have the “Follow Roads” button pressed as that information applies to the roads in the  Google map only.


New site known outstanding bugs.











We have ironed quite a few bugs in the last week and many thanks for everyone who has emailed in and left comments.  Please continue to do so by attaching comments to this post including any error messages you get and browser information etc.   The ones we know about, are working on but haven’t quite sorted out yet are:

1.  Sometimes when you save a route the name of the route is left blank in the “My Routes” section.  Fixed we think.  Can you let us know if it happens again.

2. When you put in a new location the site doesn’t zoom into it.  Fixed

3. Importing GPX routes is temperamental.  This seems only to be an issue for longer routes imported into  the Safari browser

4. Distance markers do not print out.  Fixed

Any information you have about these or anything other bugs is really useful so please continue to let us know.  Thanks.  James


Running in Christchurch, New Zealand.

This from one of our users in Christchurch New Zealand:

Yes, things are a mess in my lovely city.  It’s hard doing some of the usual road runs here now because of all the holes and sand from the liquifaction and in some cases sewerage – yuk.  And not to mention having to hold your breath as you run past portaloos – not very nice but at least my house and family are all safe.  It’s been a terrible time for so many people.  Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought this would happen to our city.  We are all getting tired of the aftershocks too, but going for a run is a good way of coping.

Our thoughts go out to everyone in that lovely part of the world.