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Searchable routes – coming soon

We made a few small changes to the site last night.  In the “My Routes” list there is now a “searchable” box which defaults as checked.  We are working on a way for people to search for and share routes which hopefully will be ready in a month or so.  If you don’t want your route to be searchable simple uncheck this box.

Mapometer Searchable

Mapometer New Features 13th May 2009


Languages:  You may have noticed the language box in the top right hand corner of the site.  You can change the language of the site to one of 44 different ones.  Here is our Hindi site:

Mapometer India








Advertising:   If you have a sports establishment or club it can appear as an icon in our maps.  Click the Advertiser Info link at the top of the page.


Mapometer Icons






Different types of routes:  As well is runs you now have the option to save cycling and walking routes.

Mapometer routes icons








We have more features in the pipeline.  If you have any suggestions please email

A few teething problems

Hi all

If anyone has any problems with the site could you please email and we will try and get them ironed out.  A few people have said their route info is missing and we are looking into this.  Some of you have also asked where the calorie info has gone so that they can monitor their “mars bar and gin and tonic usage”.  We took this out because we didn’t want to confuse cyclists and walkers (it was based on runner’s energy usage) but it looks like we will have to put it in again.  Give us a couple of weeks.

Site up and running

Mapometer is fully working now and the and are forwarding to the new site.  We are in the process of emailing everyone about the change of name and here is a copy of the email we are sending out to UK users if you haven’t had one:

Dear user

If you have logged on to our site today you may have noticed a change to the site. We have changed our name!

Our new name is and the UK site address is We have done this because of the increasing confusion between us and the United States Mapmyrun site.

All your existing log in details, route information, and training logs have been transferred to the new site. For a limited period will automatically forward you to but we recommend you change your bookmark and links now to avoid confusion in the future.

We are focused on bringing the best sports mapping site to users in the UK. We’ve added a few new features to and have a lot of plans to improve the site in the future.

Please change your bookmarks and links now. We don’t want to lose you!

Kind regards

James Stevens

Any day now…

We expect the transfer to happen in the next few days. will shut down for a few hours and then users of should be transferred directly to and all the links should redirect automatically.  We’ve ironed out all the bugs we can find but would be interested in  any new ones that arise as a result of the transfer.