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How to use the Mapometer Search Engine

Mapometer Search Engine

1.  Go to this page

2.  Find the location on the map of where you want to find routes.  The search engine will work faster if you select a smaller area.

3.  Adjust the slider bar to the distance you are looking for and deselect the route types you don’t need.

4.  Press “New Search”

If you want to look in a different area you have to move the map, press “Change Search Criteria” and press “New Search” again.  The search engine shows the routes that have been viewed the most first.  With time this should improve the quality of routes shown first.

Mapometer Route Search Engine Live!

Want to find a different run, bike ride or walk, going on holiday or planning some exercise somewhere new?

The route search engine is now live.  We have have over 200,000 routes available around the world.  The majority are in the UK and New Zealand where this site started but you can find them in most countries and cities worldwide with hundreds being added by users every day.

To find a route simply centre the map on the area you are looking for, set the slider to the distance you are looking for and press “New Search”.

The search engine is here.