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Two Oceans Marathon, Cape Town, South Africa

On April 3rd (Easter Sunday) the Two Oceans Ultra and Half Marathons will take place in Cape Town South Africa.  Described by the organisers as “the world’s most beautiful marathon”, having visited Cape Town I would have to agree.

We had a look at the Mapometer Search Engine and found the route of the Half Marathon here.  Please email if you have posted the route of the Ultra Marathon or if anyone has any special routes they would like to share.


We’re looking for bloggers


We are trying to develop our blog and we are looking for two or three bloggers who might be interested in sharing their views with our users.  The main site currently around 4000 unique visitors a day and we have over 50,000 registered users.

We are looking for established bloggers that write about running, cycling, walking and other outdoor activities  as well as larger national envents (New York Marathon, Tour de France etc).  Our site is used by users worldwide so stories about specific geographical locations would be of less interest.

If you are interested in contributing to our site and sharing the ad revenue please email

Thanks.  James