Monthly Archives: July 2010

Pace will be back!!

This is by far and away the most requested feature at the moment for the training log.  We will bring it back with the next round of changes which going to happen in September.  In the meantime please use Average Speed is it effectively shows the the same thing.  If you hover the mouse over the bars in the chart it willshow your actual speed.


Two Big Changes to

Over the past few months we have been working hard at and we are pleased to announce some improvements to the site.

1. As well as running cycling and walking you can now save routes for mountain biking, canoeing, swimming, horse riding, downhill skiing and cross country skiing.  We have had many requests for this feature and we would urge users to change any saved routes in these sports so that they appear correctly in our search engine.

2. We have completely overhauled the training log. Users can now easily see their recent activity and analyse distance, speed, effort, energy used, and time in any chosen period for any route or sport in an easy to use table and graph.   Overall, users get a much better overview of their training.

Solution to bug in the training log

Several people reported that the Save button wasn’t working properly when they tried to log a new route.  Pressing the refresh button on your browser should solve this.  For the more technically minded this was due to browsers caching old JavaScript files from before we updated the site.

Thanks to John and others for help in solving this.

Any other issues please email here.