Monthly Archives: August 2011

New site known outstanding bugs.











We have ironed quite a few bugs in the last week and many thanks for everyone who has emailed in and left comments.  Please continue to do so by attaching comments to this post including any error messages you get and browser information etc.   The ones we know about, are working on but haven’t quite sorted out yet are:

1.  Sometimes when you save a route the name of the route is left blank in the “My Routes” section.  Fixed we think.  Can you let us know if it happens again.

2. When you put in a new location the site doesn’t zoom into it.  Fixed

3. Importing GPX routes is temperamental.  This seems only to be an issue for longer routes imported into  the Safari browser

4. Distance markers do not print out.  Fixed

Any information you have about these or anything other bugs is really useful so please continue to let us know.  Thanks.  James


Site redesign and Social Network Login

We have spent ages working on a site redesign and are pleased to announce that it is up and running.  As well as a complete face lift we have looked carefully at the functionality of every page we think it Mapometer is now easier to use than ever.

We have also integrated Facebook and Twitter into the site allowing you log in or register via your social network.  If you already have an account and want to link it to your social network you should log into Mapometer in the normal way and link it from within the account.  Then, in future you will be able to log in via the social network.

Let us know if you have any feedback or if you come across any issues.

No more translation within the site – sorry!

We have just updated the site and included a lot of improvements.  More to follow on that.

We have had to leave out the Google Translate feature from the new site.  The is because Google are discontinuing the API from December 1st onwards.  We are really sorry about this as we know our international users have been using it.  There is a solution however.  If you search for Mapometer in Google and then press the “Translate” Button to the right of the link.  It looks like this: