Monthly Archives: June 2012

Maps update to site. Let us know if you have any problems.

We are rolling out a big update to the site over the next few days.  Much of the work is under the hood stuff and, for the more technically minded, involves an upgrade to Google Maps Version 3.  This will enable all sorts of future functionality but there are a few features you will notice immediately.


1.  iPads and iPhones will work again!!  They haven’t been since Apple releasied iOS5 but they will now.

2.  The Search will engine runs at lightening speed.  Previously it has been a little on the slow site particularly in popular areas.

3.  We’ve introduced a way to change the colour, thickness and shade of the route via My Account / Preferences.

We have tested the changes but, as with all upgrades, we would be grateful if you could email if you experience any problems. continues to be free and we feel this important upgrade  will help in our aim to be the best site for measuring your routes and managing your training logs.