Monthly Archives: September 2012

Five new features on

We have been hard at work and created the following new features which are live on the site now.  As always, if you find any bugs please let us know via our Facebook page, Twitter, this blog or by emailing us at  Mapometer continues to be 100% free!!

1.  Editing.  We have completely re-written the editing function to allow users to edit part of the route (either flipping to the nearest route or by dragging individual points around), deleting sections of the route, reversing the route’s direction and moving the start and end points.  We have tried to make it as easy as possible to use and probably the bestway to understand this is to try it for yourself.  The editing tab appears whenever you are drawing or editing a route.  We’ll try and post some more on this soon.














2.  Altitude.  Now, when you click on the altidude button and hover your mouse over or touch the line on the altitude graph, the position on the route will be shown.  This has been very popular request and very useful for planning routes.








3.  Arrows.  Another requested feature.  Your routes now have arrows.

4.  Viewing routes.  If you are viewing someone else’s route we have created a “Create your own route based on this one” button.  If you are viewing one of your own routes you can edit it as well.

5.  Search.  We’ve made some improvements.  When you are looking at your search results hovering over the route will bring it to the front so it is easier to see.  Clicking on it opens it in a new window.

We hope this updates makes using the site easier.  Best wishes from all of us at Mapometer.