Two Big Changes to

Over the past few months we have been working hard at and we are pleased to announce some improvements to the site.

1. As well as running cycling and walking you can now save routes for mountain biking, canoeing, swimming, horse riding, downhill skiing and cross country skiing.  We have had many requests for this feature and we would urge users to change any saved routes in these sports so that they appear correctly in our search engine.

2. We have completely overhauled the training log. Users can now easily see their recent activity and analyse distance, speed, effort, energy used, and time in any chosen period for any route or sport in an easy to use table and graph.   Overall, users get a much better overview of their training.

9 thoughts on “Two Big Changes to

  1. mapometer Post author

    Hi Kevin

    We thought about adding rowing and the canoeing icon was supposed to cover it. I can see that it would be useful though particularly in the search engine. I’ll add it to the list although realistically it will be a few months.


  2. Kevin Reynolds

    I am impressed by the additional icons for different sports, but as you probably tell from my web address I would also like to see an icon for rowing. Currently I have saved a few routes under the canoeing icon and that is fine (we have a canoe club as associates of our club), but next time you update could you add us in. As a sport we do a lot of time trialling, especially in the winter, and it is always good to be able to verify our distances.
    Many thanks for a great site.

  3. mapometer Post author

    Yes. This is all possible in the “My Details” section of the site. Select your default sport and other preferences and press save.

  4. Ian

    Could it be possible to have the route button (ie cycling, running,walking etc etc) last used stay as the default button for the next new route as I am sure most users like myself, only or mostly use Mapometer for planning the same type of route. Same with ‘auto follow road’ and other features. It will just save a couple of clicks and make using Mapometer just that much quicker and easier.

  5. mapometer Post author

    Pace should be back in September. Your other point is something that we will be fixing soon as well. Currently, if you delete or alter a route that you are logging in the training log, that log will be deleted and changed as well. So until we have fixed it, don’t delete or change the route.

  6. Christine

    I really enjoy the training log.
    BUT, i have a spreadsheet to convert my distance to “minutes per k”
    Any chance to include this facility to the training log?

    Also, if i delete a ROUTE that is entered into my training log – will my log be unaltered? – OR, will I lose the log?

    THank you

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