Mapometer re-design November 2015

You may have noticed the site has changed!  Please post any bug reports or comments on this page and we will investigate.  We are aware of the following current problems and are working on fixes:

In Account Settings / Maps / User Settings the Km/Mile and kj/Kcal settings don’t save if you change them

Default location doesn’t work

The gradient graph and ascent and decent does not work when Follow routes is off

Copying a Route doesn’t work

Printing doesn’t print the maps

No Show All option in List of Routes

We have had a new comments about Editing Routes.  The way you do this has changed and it is simpler.  You have slide the A and B markers to the area you want to edit and then click on that part of the route.  It does take a little while to get the hang of but let us know what you think.

We have also removed the word “Total” from the ascent and decent figures but it still does show the total.

88 thoughts on “Mapometer re-design November 2015

  1. Anne

    When I print I get only the map. No text, no name, no ascent/descent. Can you help please.

  2. Jamie

    Hi, just come back to the site post changes and my routes are there ok. However when I try and export them as either tracks or routes (GPX 1.0 or 1,2) My PC cant recognise them to send to my Garmin Edge 705. Am I doing something wrong?

  3. Scott Jones

    Hi, my saved routes are no longer available under “My Routes”. Today was the first time I’ve checked them since you updated the site. Can I get my routes back?

  4. mapometer Post author

    hi Rob

    I agree that Editing could do with a few tweaks and I’m not sure we realised how dependent on it people were. Thank you though for this detailed feedback. We will certainly look at this over the next few weeks and have a think about how it could be improved.


  5. Rob Hancock

    I’ve been using the new version for a few weeks now and I think I can honestly say I’ve spent more time redoing and attempting to put things right than I have planning routes.
    Here are just a few of the problems (and suggestions) I’ve come across.

    When editing you have to move either A or B first, if you don’t you can still edit but when you hit COMMIT most of your route disappears or heads off in straight line to just about anywhere.

    You can’t easily delete from the end on a Closed Loop as you need to move start A which is hidden under end B.
    If you move B first it is difficult to move it back to the right place, and when you click DELETE it deletes some of the route but then still makes a route to the original end point

    If I’ve zoomed in and then change between Draw Menu and Edit Menu or check or uncheck FOLLOW ROADS the map refocuses itself on a different part of my route.

    If you are editing an OFFROAD map and you accidently click the black line rather than one of the nodes the black line and all your editing disappears.

    If I’m editing a small section in the middle of a route and click COMMIT is it possible to keep my A and B points where I put them ready for further editing rather than resetting them back to the start and end so that I have to zoom out and drag them again?

    Can you switch Graphs OFF by default

    In short please go back to the old methods, that was a great utility I recommended to many people, but now I find myself looking for an alternative to Mapometer.

  6. mapometer Post author


    Sorry you are having problems.
    1. That address should show your list of routes but you do need to log in first.
    2. We are using a much faster server now. Speeds will vary though depending on what is going on and your internet connection.
    3. If you want to share a route you should use the address from your list of routes which in this case would be



  7. John Connor

    I don’t seem to be able to save a new route to my account – I have gone through the steps, but the new route isn’t added to the list in my account.



  8. Tom Rowe

    When view the route on screen it gives me the Ascent and Descent figures however if I go to print on the printed copy it increases both figures by more than three times.

    Is it a glitch or something I am doing wrong?

  9. Embo

    I cant get the site to do any analysis. I have changed all the parameters, but nothing happens when I press the button to draw the graph. I assume I am doing this correctly (please tell me if not).

  10. Mary

    Hi James,
    Yes, since I posted about being unable to map a new route, I have discovered you have to have the ‘Stop’ button highlighted (by clicking the ‘start’ button!) in order to start a new route. Thanks!

  11. mapometer Post author


    1. That isn’t happening our end. Could you let me know which browser you are using>
    2. we’ll look to reinstate this
    3. We will extend at some point.
    4. We’ll look at that.



  12. John Horsman

    Mapometer was my prefered application to create and review routes. I find the new editing such a pain that I’m now looking at alternatives. In my view the old method was far better

  13. Mary

    I could get used to the changes if things worked but I can’t even log a new route – nothing happens when I click on the place I want to start! Am I missing something or is this site I have previously loved, now totally useless?

  14. Phil

    I don’t especially dislike the new design; but I do kind of object to making changes something that clearly works fine just so it looks a bit different/more flashy. Especially when it breaks things.
    Specifically, the site now seems to store the last viewed location; presumably in cookies, as if I log in with another computer it doesn’t reflect this. So if you clear your internet cache you have to start over.
    Worse, though, this is that the ‘default’ location of the account seems to be simply ignored. I walk/run/drive mostly from home; having to navigate to that every time I use the site is a massive step back from the previous behaviour.

  15. Dan Talbot


    In the user settings on the map tab I try to update distances measurement to kilometres but after saving the changes it always reverts back to miles. Now I have to log my routes in miles. Please fix so I can have kilometres as default setting.

  16. Sean Lawless

    The redesign is attractive but wholly full of glitches.

    I have not been able to save a routes, random errors appear, routes randomly loop and close themselves (I have the ‘follow roads’ option unchecked.)

    I can not save, I cannot print.

    Can we revert to the old form please until these frustrations are dealt with.



  17. Andy

    The app wont let me follow routes I have created online. I can view the route but when I click ‘follow’ I get a drop list of sports, but the drop down list named ‘Follow Route:’ is blank.

  18. Paukl

    I tried to edit a route and it was very slow to respond and in the end failed to save my changes. Overall the site seems to be slower than before the change.
    It seems that most websites now make changes for no real good reason. I found the old site easy to use, quick to respond and reliable.

  19. Jason T

    I cannot save a route onto mapometer. I have tried to create the same rout multiple times, yet the save button does not appear to register when pressed. Any advice please ?

  20. Anthony

    1/ The ‘duration’ in the new activity in the training log is now a time field including am and pm. The field type needs changing in order to record the time taken (not time of day).
    2/ In the previous version, helpful popups appeared when hovering the mouse over bars on the bar chart but not in the new version.
    3/The new version only shows bar chart bars for seven days in the daily view. The previous version showed daily bars over longer periods of time.
    4/ The bar chart in the new version is too big. The older version was very good at displaying the data as a chart.
    NB. I like the new Activities screen in the Training Log as it’s easy to see my comments

  21. mapometer Post author

    Hi again

    We happen to know that the distance between these two markers used for boats out to sea is 1 Nautical Mile which is 1.85kms which Mapometer measures correctly here. But if you have any examples you think are wrong please let us know.


  22. mapometer Post author

    Hi Paul

    We haven’t changed anything to do with measuring although we are having problems currently with the ascent and descent where follow routes is not used and this will have a very small affect on the distance (depending on whether your route is hilly). Could you send a URL of a route that you suspect is wrong and the reasons why? To Thanks. James

  23. Paul Harman

    What on earth have you done to it? None of the distances over a mile are accurate or anywhere near believable. Please revert back to how it was before the changes.

  24. mapometer Post author


    The total ascent and descent is still there. We have just removed the word “total”. Currently we have a bug and, when follow routes is not selected, no figures are showing. But we are working to restore this. Thanks


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