Problems with Search

We have discovered a bug where newly created routes are not appearing in the Search engine.  We are working on a fix.

11 thoughts on “Problems with Search

  1. Simon

    hi – can’t seem to save routes! just done a big ride and would like to save it before I fall asleep…


  2. mapometer Post author

    Hi Judy

    Assuming you are looking at the Website you press the Start button on the left hand side and then click on the map itself and it should start drawing a route.


  3. Dave Dutton

    when riding I want to follow the route close up so that I know when to turn, etc (pretty much like a car sat nav). However, when I zoom in, it zooms out again so that the whole map fits in the screen. Is it possible to ride with it zoomed right in so that I can cycle along confident I have not missed my turning?

    Thanks for a great app.


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