Suggestions for the future

Please feel free to post any suggestions you have for the site here. ¬†We get most of our ideas from user’s emails.

465 thoughts on “Suggestions for the future

  1. Tim

    I have a list or running routes that I would like to reorganize beginning with the shortest to the longest run – how do I accomplish that?

  2. Kearnan Kelly

    It would be nice if my location would be saved in a cookie so that when I return to the site I’m already back to that location. I don’t think zoom level matters.

  3. Big Mac

    Thoughts for the future:-
    1/ Ability to mark routes/tracks with a way mark.
    2/ Height contours on the maps.

    Big Mac

  4. mapometer Post author

    Hi Keith

    Thanks, I can see this would be useful particularly for mountain biking. I’m not sure how easy to implement though. We’ll have a think. Thanks


  5. Keith Williams

    Love the site and it has become my go to mountain bike route planning site.

    I don’t know how easy it would be to do, but it would be cool if the line colour of the route could be linked to the elevation or gradient so that that extremely steep sections jump out immediately. Maybe with flat bits being in green (maybe -5 to +5%), downhill in shades of blue and uphill shades of red, getting darker as the incline becomes steeper.

    The data is obviously already available, with the graphs so somehow (?) combining the two.

  6. James

    Just started using this site, and so far it’s great – but one tiny thing; when I view a run in the training log the pace shows as decimal minutes – is there a way of showing it as minutes and seconds?

  7. mapometer Post author

    Hi Keith

    Sorry about this but what you explained is what is supposed to happen. There is a Copy Route button which will save as a new route. You have to be viewing the route you wish to copy and the copy button should be there. Let me know if you have any problems.


  8. Keith Williams

    Ability to duplicate a route, or a save as feature following editing of a route.

    I have a favourite bike route, which I wanted to tweak, but even though I changed the name when I pressed save, it overwrote the original route. Luckily I’d exported that as a gpx file so was able to re-upload it, but it would be nice to have the facility to duplicate a route prior to editing or a save as feature so that an edited route does not overwrite an original.

  9. Keith Williams

    It seems that a recent change to the site has removed the elevation and gradient information from the bottom of printouts. This was very useful, can it be put back?

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