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Please feel free to post any suggestions you have for the site here. ¬†We get most of our ideas from user’s emails.

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  1. Simon Maddison

    Just curious – but may be able to solve a family argument
    How do you work out the calories used per activity? My son claims that physics would decree that whether you cycle fast or slow around identical routes you’ll use identical amounts of calories and that this should work with running fast, running slow or walking.

  2. mapometer Post author


    Sorry, we should so a map key! When viewing in cycling mode the dark green lines are actually cycling routes. I hope that helps.


  3. Janna17

    I’m a new cyclist and I’m not sure what the different colours on the routes mean? For example I get that the White routes are multi user routes with no cars but what’s the dark green? Etc Where can you find that information? I’ve looked it up online and the colours are different ( white routes on this appear to be light green in the answers for Google)

  4. ldabreo

    Like to be able to show and add water taps (public or private) /water fountains and/or toilets to routes.

  5. James Edward Allen

    Hello, I would like to have the feature of adding some routs for skateboarding/longboarding, could this be added? I’d just like to plan my routes and manage everything in one place, an also be able to add new routs to this app as I’m out and about and find some nice new ground I’d like to revisit. I prefer to use your app over google maps.

  6. Bill MacGregor

    Possible problem with calculation of cycling ascent data on mapometer.

    I’m planning to cycle the Etape Loch Ness next month.

    Using mapometer, I’ve noticed that the total ascent for the 66 mile route around Loch Ness is significantly different from the sum of the ascents that I get for the two halves of event added together (ie. the ascent from Inverness to Ft Augustus (along the north side of Loch Ness) added to the ascent from Ft Augustus to Inverness (along south side of Loch Ness)).

    Your thoughts?

  7. mapometer Post author

    hi again

    Yes, the cycling layer does have a lot more cycling related paths. We are looking into adding contour soon so. Go to your account settings so this this map up by default.



  8. mapometer Post author

    hi Steve

    You can set global preferences in your account settings. Press the person shaped icon in the top right hand corner and then go to Account Settings and press the Maps tab.

    We can’t get the Ordnance Survey data unfortunately but OSM and Google maps are regularly improved infact you go the Open Street Map site you can make changes and improvements yourself. There is also a Report Map Error link on the Google Maps layer which will notify them.

    Thanks for the feedback.


  9. Steve O

    Further to my earlier comment, I’ve just noticed another odd little glitch. I’m starting a new route, and the default setting is for ‘Running’. A well-known off-road right of way near my home doesn’t appear on the ‘running’ map, but when I switch to ‘Cycling’ it appears straight away. I wonder if I should try switching modes in order to see the full range of paths available.

  10. Steve O

    I love the site, and it’s fantastic for planning a project which may (or may not) come to fruition next year. I’ve only two minor quibbles which I’d like to suggest for tweaks in the future.

    1) Every time I start a new route, I have to set my Preferences from scratch (km instead of m, auto-scroll, etc), rather than the program carrying them over from my previous routes. It would save time if I could apply global settings to my account, and then each new route would be set up from the word ‘go’.

    2) The accuracy of off-road mapping between the Map, Satellite and OSM data is rather inconsistent, and often doesn’t come close to the Ordnance Survey (UK) data. This shows Rights of Way which often aren’t marked on any of the Mapometer data sources, and going off the beaten track can become rather difficult. I live in the South Wales Valleys, where many disused railway lines have been converted into footpaths. They’re often very difficult to spot on the satellite images – some are in thickly wooded areas – and even the OSM data is absent in a lot of cases. I doubt if it would be possible for technical and/or legal reasons, but the addition of the UK National Grid to the imaging might make it easier to transcribe routes from the OS maps to the on-screen display.

    As I say, they’re minor issues and certainly don’t detract from what is undoubtedly the best online mapping tool I’ve found to date. Keep up the good work!

  11. mapometer Post author

    Thanks for the suggestion. This actually might be quite a straight forward thing for us to do. I’ll get my colleague to look into it. Thanks.


  12. Jack

    Hey! Would be sweet if we could look at topo (elevation) maps that are available on OSM (under cycle map layer). Very helpful for when trying to plot a route off-grid!


  13. mapometer Post author

    Hi Nicol

    The site is really designed for one person to use but you could create a an account and share the details and password. Each user would be able to edit and delete routes though. It might be easier to share route URLs via another website. We’ll think about it though. Thanks.


  14. Nicol

    Is there a way we can have a common Login for all members of our Cycling Club. We would like to create a common route database and have all members able to access them using the same Login.

  15. mapometer Post author

    Thanks Chris. The route information does come from Google but they are adding paths regularly so hopefully it will improve over time.


  16. Chris

    Could you add the option to follow OSM roads and footpaths, not just the Google roads and foothpaths.

    Great site, thanks. Chris

  17. mapometer Post author

    Hi David

    If you press OSM in the top right hand corner it will take to to the OSM map which you can copy as per their licensing terms but you can’t copy the main Map or You can copy the OSM map but not the main map, terrain or satellite imagery. Thanks and good luck with the dog walk book.


  18. David K Parker

    Fantastic app. I am writing a dog walk book. This app will quickly let me capture the routes. I am a bit confused though. OSM license says you can copy and publish their maps for any commerical activity, but Google license says you *cannot* use google map data in a guide book. So, can I copy the image from mapometer into my printed guide book or not ? I see the Google watermark in the bottom of your screen – but is the google element just doing terrain calculations and not involved in the actual map display when using OSM ? what are your licensing terms if I wanted to do this ? I have looked at using OS (license fee needed), but your map looks much better and the route creation is much faster. Proceeds from guide sales will go to charity. Greatly appreciate your kind help.

  19. mapometer Post author

    hi Philip

    There is a way to do this but it is a bit long winded, sorry. Copy your route URL, then log out, then paste URL into browser. Under Actions in the left hand side there is a Copy Button. You can then edit and save as a different name (you’ll have to log in again at the saving stage).

    We will at some point make this easier!


  20. Philip Mumford

    SAVEAS – maybe it exists already but I can’t figure out how to duplicate a route so you can edit it. When I did save with a new name it just renamed the route rather than creating a new one.

  21. mapometer Post author

    Thanks for the suggestion. I can see that this would be useful. I suppose you could use the search engine function but you can’t get it to show your routes only. We’ll look at that.

  22. Tim Wood

    When reviewing my routes it would be useful to see all of them in a chosen area and then select the one I want. Currently mapometer only seems to show routes individually. This would also be useful on the general search rather than having to tab through 100s.

    Another useful search would be to select circular routes only.

  23. mapometer Post author

    You can do this already. From your list of routes press Edit and then Save on the next page. You can change the route name on this page.



  24. Martin Lake

    Suggestions for the future: I would dearly love to be able to rename routes that I previously set up.

  25. mapometer Post author

    Hi Ian

    You can set your preferences in the account section and it should stay they same when you next visit the site. Go to the Account section on the right hand side and and login (if you haven’t already) and then press Account settings. Hope that helps.


  26. Ian

    I find it mildly annoying the the preferences always revert to ‘miles’ when I (and our country) always use kilometers. Can preferences be modified to always stay at what they were last changed to? Otherwise Mapometer is extremely useful and our cycling group use it almost every week.

  27. Anton

    Thanks James, that does help. I was looking at a specific section I wanted to edit. The only label visible on this section was the 3 Click one, which made me think triple-click, but I now see the labels at the start and end and that puts it into context!

  28. mapometer Post author

    Thanks. We are looking into ways of getting rid of the ads as I find them annoying also. We have a plan but it is going to take several months to implement.

    With editing it is a step by step process.

    Step 1 Drag marker to the start of the section you want to edit.
    Step 2 Drag marker to the finish of the section you want to edit.
    Step 3 Click on the section of the route you want to edit. This does not mean triple click but I can see it is confusing.

    I hope that helps.


  29. Anton

    Wonderful app (I’m just using the web app for now through Chrome on Mac and have been doing so for a couple of weeks, but have downloaded iOS app and will give that a try too). Two things that I have picked up that I would like to suggest:
    1 – Ads are irritating, I would really like to see a paid version without them.
    2 – Route edit needs work. I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong but I couldn’t edit a route at all (by “edit a route” here I mean changing the actual course of the route not just editing stuff like the name and notes). When I go into edit mode there’s a little label indicating to 3-click the line to edit, but I could not get this to work (3-click just caused the map to keep zooming in).

  30. Margo Young

    Hi James
    I’m a relatively new user but assumed that after I had planned a route on my PC, I could “follow” it on my iPhone when cycling, in the same way as I would use the TomTom app in my car ie for navigation purposes. The problem is that Mapometer doesn’t override the auto-lock on the iPhone (which the TomTom app does), so the screen goes black after a couple of minutes. My workaround is simply to disable the auto-lock feature (settings/general/auto-lock/never) but I haven’t had a chance to see whether this works yet (I’m going for a walk at lunchtime though so will test it then).

    I did also try to replicate a route I’d planned on Mapometer on my TomTom app so I could use that instead, but by default the TomTom wants to take the fastest or shortest route from A to B, not the route I’ve carefully planned avoiding nasty junctions and busy roads, so that didn’t work very well!

    It may just be that I’m either not understanding how to use Mapometer, or trying to use it for something that it’s not designed to do?

    Thanks very much


  31. mapometer Post author


    Are you saying that you are using it for navigation and need to see the map the whole time? WE’ll look into this. Out of interest, what is the workaround?


  32. mapometer Post author

    Hi Nate

    Thanks, I can see that this is an issue. We’ll certainly look into it but our list is quite long at the moment so it would be several months, sorry.


  33. Nate

    There’s issues with the Google’s elevation service not knowing the elevation of bridges. It displays elevation as the elevation of the earth’s surface, but not the structure.

    Would it be possible to add ‘advanced editing’ features which would let you add an A point and a B point, and then you ignored the google elevation, but just calculated an average rise/run between A and B?

    I’ve got several routes that cross rivers several times, and the altitude of the bridge really screws up the scale of my gradient, so it’s impossible to really see what the elevation of the run as a whole is.

    Example route is
    Note the falls at 1.84 miles -> 2.08. that should effectively be a 0 gradient change.
    Same at 4.44 -> 4.67.
    the gradient spikes skew the scale up so far that it’s tough to tell how much work I’m doing from 4.7 -> 6.8.

    I know you’re working with the data you have, GIGO. But it seems like a manual override for some of these snippets with a rough plateau or average rise/run would really help.


  34. Margo Young

    Please could you add a feature to disable the iPhone’s autolock feature when Mapometer is running (ie when I’m following a route)? The workaround is to disable it manually but that’s a bit of a faff!

    Loving using the app to plan routes, though, thanks.

  35. mapometer Post author

    Hi Anna

    Are you using the App? Once you start moving it determines which direction you are moving and does point to that direction. Or at least it should. Is that not happening?



  36. Anna

    Thanks for the great site!

    Is it possible to see my location on the route? It would be nice to follow if I’m going in the right direction while I’m actually running.
    Perhaps this is already possible and I’m just IT challenged.


  37. mapometer Post author

    Thanks for the suggestion. Improving the search is something we are thinking about and we’ll look a this.


  38. mapometer Post author

    Hi Ivan

    Sorry you are having problems. Is it working now? I’m hoping it was a blip as we haven’t had any other report. Thanks


  39. David

    Hi there,

    Just started using this system, really impressed by its functionality, so great work.

    I was thinking that maybe a search option to search for a User would be handy- this would be great for organisations putting together maps, or any really avid walk/cycle/run/etcers with their own site wishing to publicize it.

    You could just pop an iframe on the site that contains a list of all your maps, which people could then scroll through to select their desired route.

    Just a thought, would be handy though!


  40. ivan


    I am not able to share my route via email. I keep getting mail delivery failed.

  41. mapometer Post author

    Hi Linnie

    Thanks for the comment. Sorry, we haven’t worked out a good way of doing this yet but we will keep thinking as I agree it would be useful.


  42. Linnie

    What a great app,

    Could you include a legend for your OS map overlay though. I’ve tried using the standard OS Map legends, for 1:25K and 1:50K and they aren’t quite the same.



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