Bugs and Problems

Please post any bugs or problems you have with the site on this page.  We will list the ones we know about.

We have had a few comments about Editing Routes.  The way you do this has changed and it is simpler.  You have slide the A and B markers to the area you want to edit and then click on that part of the route.  It does take a little while to get the hang of but let us know what you think.

We have also removed the word “Total” from the ascent and decent figures but it still does show the total.

208 thoughts on “Bugs and Problems

  1. mapometer Post author


    Could you switch round the position of A and B. It might be that it thinks you want to edit the area outside the two points instead of inside them. Thanks


  2. Ocean Blue

    I wanted to edit a cycling route that was created on Mapometer. However, whenever I clicked on the part of the track that I selected (by shifting Pt A and B), the black track changed back to orange color that doesn’t allow editing. After giving up for a few days, I discovered that by changing the mode from ‘Cycling’ to ‘Running’ or ‘Walking’ etc I could edit the track. I have tried this on both Chrome and Opera Browser.

  3. Keith Reed

    Hi Colin
    I am using Firefox as a browser. It happens when I create a new route and try to save it. I have tried two different routes and they both do it

  4. mapometer Post author

    Hi Keith,

    I’m sorry to hear you’re having problems with the site.
    I haven’t been able to replicate your issue. Could you give me some additional information to help track down the problem:
    Could you let me know what operating system and browser you’re using?
    When did you first notice this issue?
    Does this happen every time you save a route or only with some routes?


  5. Keith Reed

    After I create a route it wont let me save it. It comes up with an error message saying no route bounds set.
    Can anyone help

  6. Lisa

    I have been logging my runs on my phone…. went to sync with PC and i only have 5 days!

    They have vanished from my phone as well.

    Is this a common issue?



  7. mapometer Post author

    Hi Steve,

    Thanks for the additional information. This doesn’t look like a problem with our site.
    The ‘mumbo jumbo’ says that your browser is failing to load the maps library from google.
    Since Google’s servers are very reliable, the problem is probably at your end.

    This could be blocked by a firewall (especially if you’re at work). It might also be blocked by an ad-block, anti-spam or privacy plugin (since it tracks your usage).
    If you have any plugins installed in your browser try disabling them.


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