Bugs and Problems

Please post any bugs or problems you have with the site on this page.  We will list the ones we know about.

We have had a few comments about Editing Routes.  The way you do this has changed and it is simpler.  You have slide the A and B markers to the area you want to edit and then click on that part of the route.  It does take a little while to get the hang of but let us know what you think.

We have also removed the word “Total” from the ascent and decent figures but it still does show the total.

176 thoughts on “Bugs and Problems

  1. David

    Why am I getting Zig Zag lines, showing i’ve completed twice as much ground as I actually have when running a 5k but only on some parts of the road, reset phone, and settings but still the same?

  2. mapometer Post author

    Hi Ken

    Thanks for your message but we can’t replicate this. There is default sport that you can set in your Account Settings / Maps. Could you try changing that to Walks?



  3. Ken

    I usually use mapometer to record my runs, but am injured and have been walking lately. When I record a Walk as a new activity in the training log and save, the activity shows as a run. I can edit the entry, changing the activity to a walk, save, and it then shows as a walk. This has been occurring for some weeks.

  4. mapometer Post author


    Yes, I’m not that keen on them easy. I believe this was a Google implementation but we can change. We will look into it although our list is quite long currently. Thanks


  5. Roger

    21/5/2017 Elevation and Gradient have major problems.
    A major error is that they are displayed to different horizontal scales.
    This means that at any point on the route – say at 2 miles on the bottom scale – the Elevation may be showing the correct elevation at that point, but the Gradient graph may be showing the gradient at half a mile into the route.

    See separate email.

  6. George Summers

    I do not like the solid white ‘roads’. They obliterate detail and often are not close to the actual paths. The old transparent grey ‘roads’ were so much better as when they deviated from the actual road or path the fine detail could still be seen. The hatched lines, e.g. SW Coastal Path, are not quite so bad as some detail can be seen between the white lines but still not good. Please reinstate the old transparent ‘roads’.
    Apart from the above it is excellent. Thank you.

  7. mapometer Post author

    Hi Benj

    OK, good. If you get a chance could you let me know which version of Firefox you were running and we’ll look into it. Thanks


  8. Benj

    Hi James, Thanks for your swift reply. It did just put a thought in my head; I am using Firefox, and on both computers I used Firefox and had this issue. I have just this moment tried it on Internet Explorer and it worked fine!! Saved my route, and the print window formed sensibly. So my problem is with Firefox it seems, rather than Mapometer. Not sure quite what I’m going to do about that though, apart from only use IE for Mapometer! Best wishes, Benj

  9. mapometer Post author


    Sorry you are having these problems. Could I start by asking which operating system and browser you are using? Thanks


  10. Benj

    Hi, just having a bit of trouble saving a new route and printing a route, need some advice please.

    So, logged in, drawn myself a new route, clicked ‘save’ and filled in the route name etc. But then when I click ‘save’ at the bottom, it just doesn’t work. It just ignores me clicking on it, and doesn’t save the route or do anything. The cancel button next to it works fine.

    Also, I seem to be unable to print either. So I decided to forget about saving the route, just print it instead. So the print window opens up, but always in the middle of the sea near Honolulu!! Nowhere near my route and it’s absolutely impossible to scroll halfway round the world back to my route in England to find the print area.

    Please could you help me. And, just as a bit of additional info, I have tried this on two separate computers now and I am having the same issues on both.


  11. mapometer Post author

    Hi Glenn

    This sounds very strange . Can you I just check that you haven’t bookmarked the site incorrectly? If you go too this address:


    Does it work? We did add some security to the site and some previously bookmarked addresses could be causing problems I suppose.

    Let me know, thanks.


  12. Glenn Hinch

    When I go to the Mapometer site, I get a pop-up saying ‘Authorization Required’ and asks for user name and password. I enter my usual details but it still doesn’t work and the pop-up reappears.

    Then, where the map should display, there’s a message: “Sorry! Something went wrong. This page didn’t load Google Maps correctly. See the JavaScript console for technical details.”

    This has been happening for about 5 days, and happens on different internet service providers.

    Any help would be appreciated

  13. mapometer Post author

    Hi Dave,
    We’ve found the issues with the graphs and GPX import (configuration issues with the build we did yesterday). They should both be working again now.
    Let us know if you still have any problems.

  14. Dave

    Hi. I agree with Steven’s post earlier today. I cannot get any elevation graphics, try as I might.

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