Bugs and Problems

Please post any bugs or problems you have with the site on this page.  We will list the ones we know about.

We have had a few comments about Editing Routes.  The way you do this has changed and it is simpler.  You have slide the A and B markers to the area you want to edit and then click on that part of the route.  It does take a little while to get the hang of but let us know what you think.

We have also removed the word “Total” from the ascent and decent figures but it still does show the total.

249 thoughts on “Bugs and Problems

  1. mapometer Post author

    Hi Russell

    Sorry, we are getting that as well. We’ll look into this and it should be an easy fix. Sorry for the inconvenience – it was working last week!


  2. Russell Hepton

    Hi guys.

    Great service. But the text won’t save in my markers. I want to drop markers and change the hover text to something like “start here” and it won’t update when I hit “save”

  3. mapometer Post author

    We’ve had a look at this issue.  It appears that a security update on our server was blocking part of the import functionality and causing the import failures people have reported.
    It should be working again now.

  4. mapometer Post author

    Hi Peter

    Thanks for your message and sorry you are having issues. We have had one other report of this happening. My colleague will be looking into it but he isn’t back in until Monday, sorry. We will get back to you though. Thanks


  5. Peter

    Hi, I’ve been unable to import gpx files for the last couple of days; the error message reads ‘Failed to read GPX. The file may not be in the correct format.’. I’ve tried multiple different gpx files, taken from different devices, some unedited and some edited, so it doesn’t seem that the problem is actually with the gpx files (and they’re being read by Strava, Garmin Basecamp, GPS Track Editor and Google Earth). Is there a bug with uploading files at the moment?

  6. mapometer Post author

    Hi Martin

    Thanks for this. We get the route information from Google and we’re not able to change it but you can report this if you click the Report Map Error link in the bottom right hand corner of the map. In the meantime just turn off follow roads at the point where it goes wrong and turn it on again afterwards. Thanks James

  7. mapometer Post author

    Hi Martin,
    I am seeing the same issue on this stretch of road. The routing information we use comes from Google and we can’t change this. We just send a request to Google’s routing service saying give us a route from A to B that’s suitable for cycling.
    You’ll just have to turn-off the follow-road checkbox and manually click along the road to create a route for this section.


  8. Martin

    For some reasons when creating a cycling route you’re unable to use some roads. I think it might think a bike is not permitted to use the road… but that’s wrong. I’m in NI and i’m unable to create a route using the A1 and part of the N1 which is a continuation of the same road on the other side of the border. I cycle this road all the time. It’s a dual carriageway.

  9. mapometer Post author

    Hi Emily,

    I can’t replicate your issue. Routes are saving fine for me and I can’t see any issues with your account.
    Are you seeing the save dialog? Or is it not getting that far?
    Could you tell me what browsers you’re using?


  10. Emily Forde

    When I try to save my routes it won’t save, no comments are provided. it just doesn’t seem to accept the save request. Occasionally if you move away to some other page and back again it reacts and saves it but otherwise it is completely non-reactive on both PC and Mac

  11. mapometer Post author

    Hi Emily,

    Could you give me more details about what happens when you try to save? This will help me to diagnose the issue you’re having.
    Go through step by step what you do and what you see on the screen in response. Include any error messages or user feedback you receive.


  12. mapometer Post author

    Hi Joe

    I’m glad the site is working for you now – we made a change last night. We are testing the new app and hope to have it sorted in the next few days.


  13. Joe

    The website seems to be behaving today so a big thanks for sorting out the saving routes issue. Is there any update on when the app on ios11 will also work again? It is still crashing whenever you try to view a route.

  14. mapometer Post author

    Hi Joe

    We have managed to replicate the issue now so I’m hoping we should get it fixe early next week. Sorry for the inconvenience.



  15. mapometer Post author

    Hi Joan

    We have managed to replicate the issue now so I’m hoping we should get it fixe early next week. Sorry for the inconvenience.



  16. mapometer Post author

    Thanks, that’s really helpful as I was able to replicate it this time. We will look into what is happening. We’ll hope to get it fixed early next week. THanks


  17. Mick

    I have problems saving routes, but not all routes.On the ones cannot save there are no graphs for gradients Try Littlebeck Nth Yorks small circular route

  18. Mick

    I have problems saving routes, but not all routes.On the ones cannot save there are no graphs for gradients

  19. Joan

    Hi James,

    No it is still not working correctly.
    Once I have mapped a route, I click on the save button and it then takes me to the screen where you can input a route name. When I then click on save route, it doesn’t do anything. In the past, if I have not logged in first, when I initially hit save, it would take me to the log in page, but this doesn’t happen now. Even if I am logged in it won’t save the route.


  20. Joe

    When saving routes on my MacBook in safari once I enter the route name, when I press save, nothing happens. the only button which will work is the cancel one. I did have this problem earlier in the week, but eventually it did save. Thismorning it will not. I have updated my software and tried clearing the cache, and restarting. Still no luck

  21. John Bremner

    Hi. I’m trying to save a new route but it will not save. I have 9 and I made 2 new routes last week on MacBook. Tonight I’m using PC with Windows 10.

  22. Joan

    I am having trouble saving a route. I can map out the route, click on save button and when I get to the next screen the save button does not work.

  23. mapometer Post author

    Hi David

    Sorry, we are aware that a small number of users are getting this error message and we are working on a fix.

    kind regards

    James Stevens

  24. David

    Consistent problem saving routes (using on windows 10- tried with two different browsers.) Keep on getting google elevation response message when trying to update elevation and then nothing of the route past that point will save.

  25. mapometer Post author

    Hi Jamie

    Yes, we have worked out what the problem is. We have having to update several parts of the App but we are hoping we should have a new version on the app store by around the 25th October.


  26. mapometer Post author

    Hi Iain

    I’m really sorry about this. This issue has arisen since Apple launched iOS 11. We are working on a fix.

    Kind regards

    James Stevens

  27. Iain Morrison

    Anyone else having an issue where the iOS app crashes out when you try to view or follow a route? The app works correctly on iOS 10.3.3 but crashes out on iOS11.0.3.

    I have deleted the app on iOS 11.0.3 and reinstalled but still get the same issue

    Most frustrating-especially as I was planning to use it tomorrow, now I have to convince my wife to lend me her iPhone and that won’t be easy 🙁

  28. Giles

    “Sorry about this. I looked at this route and all the elevation data seems to be there. But are you saying that if you continue this route it stops working?” /James

    Yes – the elevation data stops registering where loop has been cut short. I’ve tried re-plotting it several times (even starting from different points around the loop).
    Once the elevation data has failed, I can continue plotting the route to a close – but once I come to save it, either the ‘Google Elevation Service Response’ message comes up and it won’t save, or it does save, but cuts the route short (as you can see) at the point where the elevation data stopped registering.

    PS. I’ve successfully plotted a completely different route since, so it would appear to be something specific to this route – as no matter how many times I try, the same problem repeats.

  29. mapometer Post author

    Hi Giles

    Sorry about this. I looked at this route and all the elevation data seems to be there. But are you saying that if you continue this route it stops working?


  30. Giles


    I’m getting a recurring problem where Elevation fails before I can complete mapping a loop. This happens even if I ‘refresh’ the elevation reading as I go along plotting the route – meaning it will suddenly not register at a point where the loop is about 95% complete. I can finish the loop, but when saved the last section will be missing and the elevation total short by the sum of the missing section. Also if not using refresh, once the readings have failed an error message reading ‘Google Elevation Service Response’ pops up if elevation is selected.


  31. Richard

    I have just started to use the app on my phone after use on the computer for a while. After I log on the phone both route and log saved they do not appear on the computer (website) a few days later they are gone from the phone too.

  32. mapometer Post author


    Could you switch round the position of A and B. It might be that it thinks you want to edit the area outside the two points instead of inside them. Thanks


  33. Ocean Blue

    I wanted to edit a cycling route that was created on Mapometer. However, whenever I clicked on the part of the track that I selected (by shifting Pt A and B), the black track changed back to orange color that doesn’t allow editing. After giving up for a few days, I discovered that by changing the mode from ‘Cycling’ to ‘Running’ or ‘Walking’ etc I could edit the track. I have tried this on both Chrome and Opera Browser.

  34. Keith Reed

    Hi Colin
    I am using Firefox as a browser. It happens when I create a new route and try to save it. I have tried two different routes and they both do it

  35. mapometer Post author

    Hi Keith,

    I’m sorry to hear you’re having problems with the site.
    I haven’t been able to replicate your issue. Could you give me some additional information to help track down the problem:
    Could you let me know what operating system and browser you’re using?
    When did you first notice this issue?
    Does this happen every time you save a route or only with some routes?


  36. Keith Reed

    After I create a route it wont let me save it. It comes up with an error message saying no route bounds set.
    Can anyone help

  37. Lisa

    I have been logging my runs on my phone…. went to sync with PC and i only have 5 days!

    They have vanished from my phone as well.

    Is this a common issue?



  38. mapometer Post author

    Hi Steve,

    Thanks for the additional information. This doesn’t look like a problem with our site.
    The ‘mumbo jumbo’ says that your browser is failing to load the maps library from google.
    Since Google’s servers are very reliable, the problem is probably at your end.

    This could be blocked by a firewall (especially if you’re at work). It might also be blocked by an ad-block, anti-spam or privacy plugin (since it tracks your usage).
    If you have any plugins installed in your browser try disabling them.


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