• Mountain biking-12.2 miles - Women 18 & Under
  • Mountain biking-12.2 miles - Women 19-29
  • Mountain biking-12.2 miles - Women 30-39
  • Mountain biking-12.2 miles - Women 40-49
  • Mountain biking-12.2 miles - Women 50-59
  • Mountain biking-12.2 miles - Women 60+
  • Mountain biking-12.2 miles - Men 18 & Under
  • Mountain biking-12.2 miles - Men 19-29
  • Mountain biking-12.2 miles - Men 30-39
  • Mountain biking-12.2 miles - Men 40-49
  • Mountain biking-12.2 miles - Men 50-59
  • Mountain biking-12.2 miles - Men 60+
  • Mountain biking-12.2 miles - 2 Man Relay


The Bloody Rose - Mountain Bike Climb

The aptly named Bloody Rose mountain bike race challenges the endurance and spirit of its’ participants.  The 12.2 mile course throws in several sections steeper than 15 percent, mixing in single track, fire roads, and sections of Mt. Rose Hwy pavement.  The first true test for riders is a 15 percent grade aptly named “The Wall of Death”, where knobby tires fight for traction on the sandy surface. Continuing up the mountain, survivors will pass over the highest year-round road in the Sierra, get a brief downhill respite, then commence a death march up NFD 051.  The next four miles are as much about survival as they are about speed. Riders will curse the small downhill when they make the final hairpin for the last quarter mile climb. When “Funeral Hill” ramps up to 16 percent, riders have to dodge softball-sized rocks and sear their lungs at almost two miles above sea level. Many will be getting off to walk. Those that make the 4000 ft ascent to the 10,128 ft. summit will be treated to amazing views of Lake Tahoe and Washoe Valley and bragging rights for completing the challenge.


Registration includes: custom Galena Fest shirt, access to music and activities festival, drink vouchers, race snacks, merchandise bag, and the chance to win raffle prizes.

Event details and schedule

Event Details

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7:30-8:00am Bloody Rose MTB Race Registration/Check-In
8:30am The Bloody Rose Competitive Mountain Bike Climb Start
8:00-9:00am Wicked Thorn Train Run Registration/Check-In
9:30am The Wicked Thorn Trail Run Race Start
9am-1pm Art-in-the-Park 
10:00am-3:00pm Race Day Festival with live music
10:30-2:00pm: Food Served
11:30am: Kid’s Bike Race-FREE-10 & Under
12:00pm Cyclocross Men and Women C, Junior
12:15pm Wicked Thorn Trail Run Awards
12:30pm Bloody Rose MTB Race Awards and Special Thanks

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Galena Fest

18250 Mount Rose Highway, Reno

Phone: 775-849-4948