Sunday 3rd December 2017

MAR DE PLATA: Patricio Peralta Ramos 2502, B7600JUZ Mar del Plata, Buenos Aires, Mar del Plata, Argentina



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Let the charm of Argentina's Mar del Plata lure you with its oceanfront promenade, beaches, and elegant architecture. 

For 30 years, Mar del Plata has been home to several triathlons. In 2017, Mar del Plata will host an IRONMAN event for the first time. 

Mar del Plata is the most popular seaside town in the country. More than 8 million tourists come to its beaches to spend their summer holidays. The city is situated 400km from the capital city of Argentina, Buenos Aires, and is easily accessed by plane or land. Beaches, hotels and casinos, forests, architecture, gastronomy and sports tourism await in this city of beauty and incredible architecture. It also boasts expertise in hosting sporting events, including the Soccer World Cup in 1978, the Panamerican Games in 1995, the final match of the DAVIS CUP in 2008, and the Surf World Cup in 2014. The Rally Dakar 2012 starts and finished in Mar del Plata, in the same place that the IRONMAN will take place.

The race route goes through some of the city's most iconic and scenic areas, taking in the entirety of the sea boulevard. Athletes will begin with a 3.8km swim, followed by a 180 km bike along flat and windy stretches beside the ocean. Finally, a 42.2km run will take athletes along the picturesque coastline. The temperature for race day will be between 18 and 27 degrees Celcius—ideal for an IRONMAN race.

The 2017 IRONMAN Mar del Plata offers 40 qualifying slots for the 2018 IRONMAN World Championship in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii. 


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A two loop 1.9 km swim in the Atlantic Ocean.


The two-loop bike flat course will expose athletes to stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean. The bike course starts at the Almirante Brown Square at the NH Provincial Hotel heading north along the Peralta Ramos Sa Boulevard towards the Highway 11, turning back at the Mar Chiquita toll point. The return trip is along the same road, up to the Navy Base before returning to transition.



The 4 lap run starts with athletes heading north along the Peralta Ramos Sea Blvd, returning to the Venue and Finish Line to be encourage by friends and family. The run course is flat and, you will enjoy the Atlantic Ocean all the way. Once you complete the 42,2km you finish at statue of the sea wolf which is a popular touristic destination.

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