2018 5150 Taitung & Liv Iron Girl

Saturday 17th March 2018

Taitung Flowing Lake: No.300, Huatai St., Taitung City, Taiwan, Province of China

Triathlon, Duathlon, Olympic/International, Sprint


  • Triathlon - General Entry - Individual Entry
  • Triathlon - Relay - Relay - Team Captain
  • Triathlon - Relay - Relay - Team Member
  • Duathlon - General Entry - Individual Entry
  • Group Entry - Triathlon Individual - Individual
  • Group Entry - Trithlon Relay - Relay - Team Captain
  • Group Entry - Trithlon Relay - Relay - Team Member
  • Group Entry - Duathlon Individual - Individual
  • Cat C - Individual Entry
  • Cat C - Relay - Team Captain
  • Cat C - Relay - Team Member
  • Late Entry - Triathlon Individual - Individual Age group/open
  • Late Entry - TEAM - Team (Team Captain)
  • Late Entry - TEAM - Team (Team Member)
  • Late Entry - Duathlon Individual - Duathlon - Individual Age group
  • CAT X - CAT X - Triathlon Individual
  • CAT X - CAT X - Relay Team (Captain)
  • CAT X - CAT X - Relay Team (Members)
  • CAT X - CAT X - Duathlon Individual


5150 Taitung & Liv Iron Girl will take place in the East Coast of Formosa Taiwan, one of the most popular destinations in Asia-Pacific on Saturday, March 17 2018.


About Taitung, Taiwan

The shorter, International distance version of IRONMAN 70.3 Taiwan is taking place in the East Coast of Taiwan again after its successful debut in 2016. Visitors are able to enjoy laid back atmosphere, warm tropical weather and local's hospitality at this lovely eastern Taiwan county. The scenic region of Taitung is a vacation delight for tourists and visitors alike, encompassing a forest park, crystal clear Flowing Lake and breathtaking view of the Pacific Ocean. Taitung is also the third largest county in Taiwan and home to seven aboriginals ethnics.


5150 Taitung & LIV Iron Girl Taiwan Experience

The one-lap swim course takes place in Flowing Lake. After the swim, cycling and running courses take competitors along the coastline of Taitung to visit the beauty of eastern Taiwan.

Event details and schedule

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11F, Number 27, Sec 1, Anhe Road, Da'an District, Taipei City

Phone: +886-2-2751-6226

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