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IRONMAN 70.3 Xiamen

Xiamen, the "Garden of the Sea," is a modern port city and a prestigious tourist destination located on the southeast coast of China. Here, sea views are backed by impressive cityscapes, offering a unique blend of the natural and urban. This coastal city is simultaneously ancient and modern, traditional and progressive, relaxation and revitalizing. The city of over 3 million has been named one of the most livable cities in China, and boasts an open economy and a diverse cultural profile. Since China’s reform, Xiamen has sustained over three decades worth of growth, and is expected to develop into a model city for the China of the future.

Adjacent to the convention and exhibition center are two five-star hotels: the Xiamen International Conference Center Hotel and Xiamen International Seaside Hotel. There is a vast array of other highly rated hotels in the area, offering abundant accommodation choices for the athletes and their spectators. The routes for the swim, bike, and run are all located just a short walk from the conference center hotel, and the area is easily accessible by all forms of transportation.


The 2018 IRONMAN 70.3 Xiamen will have 25 qualifying slots  for the 2019 IRONMAN World Championship and 50 qualifying slots for the 2019 IRONMAN 70.3 World Championship available.

Eligible athletes receiving a slot can either accept a slot to the IRONMAN World Championship or a slot to the IRONMAN 70.3 World Championship (but not both).

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Event details and schedule

Courses - 2017 Version


IRONMAN 70.3 Xiamen will begin with a 1.9km swim on the beach. From Swim start swim 250m southeastward, then turn right swim 1.4km southward, then turn right swim 250m.


After swim, athletes will transit to bike with 90km (2 loops) in total. Use Huandao East Road to ride northward Wuyuan Bridge, then turnaround near toFangzhong Road and Suwu Road. Keep southward riding along with Huandao East Road, entering Yunding South Road at the intersection of Huandao East Road and Yunding South Road, turnaround in front of Yunding tunnel, then back to Huangdao East Road.Keep riding along with Huangdao South Road, then turnaround at the intersection of Huangdao South Road and Longhu Road, back to Transition. The 2nd loop is the same as the 1st loop. Two aid stations are in North turnaround and south turnaround. This will make our hits 12km, 36.7km, 57km and 81.8km.



The 21.1km Run Course is 2.7 loops long. Athletes will start the Run out of Transition heading South along Huandao South Road to the first turnaround at 2.1km. Athletes will then head North past Transition to the North turnaround on Huandao East Road. Once making the turnaround at the North, athletes will head South again past Transition to complete Loop 1, repeating for Loop 2. Upon reaching the North turnaround for the third pass, athletes will continue heading straight North on Huandao East Road, along the highway tunnel. Once across from the Xiamen International Seaside Hotel, athletes will turn left across the grass, over the tunnel, toward the hotel. Once over the tunnel,turn right on the access road, heading North to Huizhan North Road. A left on Huizhan North Road leads to another left at the hotel access gate on No. 5 Road,and the final stretch to the finish line. Run course has three aid stations Hits approximately at 1.4km, 2.28km, 4.16km, 5.81km, 7.46km 9.34km, 11.22km, 12.8km, 14.52km, 16.4km, 18.28km and 19.93km.


Green area is the Transition, orange line is bike in and out, red line is run course, blue line is swim course.


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