2018 Mercy 5K

Saturday 28th April 2018

Fletcher's Cove on the C&O Canal Towpath: 4940 Canal Road NW, Washington, United States

Distance running, Running, 5K


  • 5 kilometer run - 10:00 AM - scored - 5 kilometer - 10:00 AM
  • Group of 3 - Group-registration team Age group/open
  • Group of 5 - Group of 5


  • Flat - scenic - beautiful views of the Potomac River - tree-lined - shaded - out'n'back
  • Start and finish at Fletcher's Cove | 4940 Canal Road NW, Washington DC
  • View the COURSE MAP
  • Course elevation profile: -------------------------------
  • Highest point is 44m above sea level, lowest point is 12m above sea level
  • Enjoy a lovely day on the C&O Canal Towpath!
  • See displays about the historic C&O Canal before & after race

Event details and schedule

Parking options:
  • To park at Fletcher's Cove...
  • From WESTBOUND Canal Road, watch for the entrance to Fletcher's Cove, across from Reservoir Road
  • Turn LEFT to cross Canal Road CAREFULLY to get to Fletcher's Cove's driveway
  • From EASTBOUND Canal Road, watch for the entrance to Fletcher's Cove, across from Reservoir Road.  Turn LEFT to go up Reservoir Road, make a u-turn, and drive back down Reservoir Road to Canal Road.  Cross Canal Road when you have green light and turn RIGHT onto the driveway 
  • We have about 85 parking spaces at the top of Fletcher's Cove and another 200 spaces through the tunnel to the bottom of Fletcher's Cove
  • You may also park off-site, so that we leave some parking spaces at Fletcher's Cove for the general public. Off-site parking is available anywhere on or off Reservoir Road, at River School, or on Bending Lane, Hutchins Lane, or W Street

Organised by

Safety And Health Foundation

611 South Ivy Street, Arlington

Phone: 7035053567

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