• Triathlon-PTC 2018 Individual Membership - Individual
  • Triathlon-PTC 2018 Family Membership - Family Membership
  • Triathlon-2018+2017 Individual Membership - Individual Age group/open
  • Triathlon-2018+2017 Family Membership - Group-registration Family


This event is the annual membership registration for athletes in and around Western Pennsylvania.   As a group we enjoy not only multisport endurance challanges but often each of the individual sports as well.  We welcome you to join the club and become part of a family of athletes looking to be healthy and compete at our own indivudual levels. 

Event details and schedule

Please feel free to reach out to other club members through facebook or at any of our events.  The Most important thing is to train and race safely.  We want to see you back every year

Organised by

Pittsburgh Triathlon Club

104 Bellwood Court, Cranberry Township

Phone: 4122085837

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