2019 Hagg Lake

Saturday 20th July 2019

Henry Hagg Lake: 50250 SW Scoggins Valley Road, Gaston, United States

Running, Duathlon, Triathlon, Distance running, 5K, Olympic/International, Half marathon, Sprint


  • Triathlon-Sprint - Individual
  • Triathlon-Sprint - Junior
  • Triathlon-Sprint - 2 Person Relay
  • Triathlon-Sprint - 3 Person Relay
  • Duathlon-Sprint - Individual
  • Duathlon-Sprint - Junior
  • Duathlon-Sprint - 2 Person Relay
  • Duathlon-Sprint - 3 Person Relay
  • Aquabike-Sprint - Individual
  • Aquabike-Sprint - Junior
  • Aquabike-Sprint - 2 Person Relay
  • Triathlon-Olympic - Individual
  • Triathlon-Olympic - Junior
  • Triathlon-Olympic - 2 Person Relay
  • Triathlon-Olympic - 3 Person Relay
  • Duathlon-Olympic - Individual
  • Duathlon-Olympic - Junior
  • Duathlon-Olympic - 2 Person Relay
  • Duathlon-Olympic - 3 Person Relay
  • Aquabike-Olympic - Individual
  • Aquabike-Olympic - Junior
  • Aquabike-Olympic - 2 Person Relay
  • OFF ROAD Triathlon-Sprint - Individual
  • OFF ROAD Triathlon-Sprint - Junior
  • OFF ROAD Triathlon-Sprint - 2 Person Relay
  • OFF ROAD Triathlon-Sprint - 3 Person Relay
  • OFF ROAD Duathlon-Sprint - Individual
  • OFF ROAD Duathlon-Sprint - Junior
  • OFF ROAD Duathlon-Sprint - 2 Person Relay
  • OFF ROAD Duathlon-Sprint - 3 Person Relay
  • OFF-ROAD Aquabike-Sprint - Individual
  • OFF-ROAD Aquabike-Sprint - Junior
  • OFF-ROAD Aquabike-Sprint - 2 Person Relay
  • TRAIL Running-5K - Adult
  • TRAIL Running-5K - Kids
  • TRAIL Running-Half marathon - Individual


Hagg Lake Triathlon – Rich in Beauty, Rich in Tradition!

Come race at the 37th Annual Hagg Lake Triathlon & Off-road Endurance Sports Festival, one of the oldest and most gorgeous Triathlon courses in the nation! Now offering an Off-Road Triathlon, Half Marathon Trail Run, 5K Trail Run & Camping!

Olympic & Sprint Triathlon, Duathlon & AquaBike & NEW OFF ROAD SPRINT TRIATHLON, DUATHLON & AQUABIKE, Half Marathon Plus Trail Run and 5K TRAIL RUN!

The modern sport of triathlon had its modest beginnings with an event held in Mission Bay in San Diego, CA on September 25, 1974. There were 46 athletes that day. Seven years later, Hagg Lake Triathlon became one of six stops on the Bud Light Triathlon Series Tour drawing about 500 athletes, with Dave Scott coming out on top. Today, as one of the nation’s oldest and longest running triathlon events, Hagg Lake enters its 36th year and it continues to draw upwards of 700+ athletes. Its popularity is rooted in the rich tradition and the exceptional venue, which is one of the most scenic in the country. And, the Hagg Lake course offers a true test of this terrific sport with its rolling hills on both the bike and run leg portions of the event. Make the Hagg Lake Triathlon & Endurance Sports Festival one of your summer stops and compete on the course that has seen many of the greats in the sport of triathlon.



  • Half Marathon+ Trail Run (Start Time - 7:30am)
  • Olympic Triathlon:1.5K Swim, 40K Bike, 10K Run (Start Time – 8:00am in waves)
  • Olympic Duathlon: 5k Run, 40K Bike, 10K Run (Start Time – 8:00am mass start)
  • Olympic AquaBike: 1.5K Swim, 40k Bike (Start Time - 8:00am in waves)
  • Sprint Triathlon: ½ mile Swim, 12.5 mile Bike, 5K Run (Start Time – 8:25am in waves)
  • Sprint Duathlon: 5k Run, 12.5 mile Bike, 5k Run (Start Time – 8:25am mass start)
  • Sprint AquaBike: 1/2 mile Swim, 12.5 mile Bike (Start Time - 8:25am in waves)


  • OFF-ROAD Sprint Triathlon: 500m Swim, 14 mile Bike, 5K Run (Start Time – 8:00am in waves)
  • OFF-ROAD Sprint Duathlon: 14 mile Bike, 5k Run (Start Time – 8:00am Time Trial)
  • OFF-ROAD Sprint AquaBike: 500m Swim, 14 mile Bike (Start Time - in AquaBike Wave)
  • 5K Trail Run - 9am Start

Note: All athletes must be out of transition by 7:45am regardless of their race start time to assure all timing mats can be set.

CAMPING! Hagg Lake is offering us the opportunity to camp at the park. Our mission is to replicate the super fun atmosphere at WildFlower Triathlon in California where athletes camp, hang out, and share race stories by the camp fire at night! Stay tuned for more details.

BEAST MEDAL - Race on Saturday AND Sunday and earn the coveted WHY Racing BEAST MEDAL! Any combination of events count!

Event details and schedule

Organised by

Why Racing Events INC

2310 E. 2nd Str, Suite A, Vancouver

Phone: 360-574-7292

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