63rd Feilding Marathon & 21st Half Marathon

Saturday 4th November 2017

Timona Park: Simon Street, Feilding, New Zealand

Distance running, Running, Walking, Half marathon, Marathon, 5K, 10K


  • Shoe Clinic Marathon RUN - Marathon RUN
  • Shoe Clinic Marathon WALK - Marathon Walk
  • Fisher Print Half marathon RUN - 1/2 Marathon RUN
  • Fisher Print Half Marathon WALK - 1/2 Marathon WALK
  • AllanMcNeill 10Km RUN - 10km run
  • AllanMcNeill 10Km WALK - 10km walk
  • 5km RUN - 5km run
  • 5km WALK - 5km walk
  • Marathon 2-person Run team - Two person Marathon team Run
  • 2 person team Marathon WALK - 2 person Marathon WALK team


The Feilding Marathon started in 1955, and has been run every year since, making it the 9th longest running marathon in the world and the longest such event in the Southern Hemisphere. Feilding Moa Harrier Club member Roy Lamberton was the driving force in those early years, and the Half Marathon event still bears his name.

To celebrate the 21st Roy lLamberton memeorial half Marahon we will have medals for all half marathon run and walk finishers.

Whether you wish to Walk or Run, set your own goal and choose from 5km, 10km half marathon, or the ultimate challenge, the 42.195km Marathon.

The Marathon typically attracts entrants from throughout NZ as well as a number of international runners and walkers

Looking forward to seeing you here

Rob Dabb
Race Organiser

Event details and schedule

Start Times

7.30am        Marathon & Marathon Teams run/walk

9:00am        Half Marathon run/walk

9.20am        10km run/walk

9.30am        5km run/walk


Terms and Conditions

By entering this event all participants agree to:

¨ Abide by the race rules and follow directions of race officials, Traffic Management staff and  NZ Police;

¨ Allow information provided on the entry form  to be used for promotional or publicity purposes ;

¨ Accept should any “Act of God” or any other circumstance beyond the control of the organisers result in the cancellation of this event, that the entry fee is non-refundable.

 Race HQ: Feilding Football clubrooms,  Simon St, Timona Park, Feilding (off  Kimbolton Rd)

 Course: Out and Back with the Marathon turn being on Makino Rd just past the Stanway Hall.  The course climbs approximately 140 metres in altitude to the halfway turn but most of that is only a 1-2 percent gradient. See course map and latest race info here: Feilding Moa website

 Registration packs: Race packs including your race number can be collected from 4:00pm Friday 4th November or 6.45am on race day from the Race HQ

Drink Stations: Water will be available at approximately 5km intervals along the route. We encourage participants to also carry their own electrolyte supply should they prefer that.

 Facilities: Toilets and showers are available at Race HQ .


Race Rules

¨ There are no road closures.  Competitors enter at their own risk.

¨ Competitors must not be accompanied by cyclists, vehicle or animals

¨ Unless otherwise instructed by course officials or police competitors should run within 1-metre of the right hand side of the road, facing oncoming traffic and inside any marker cones. Walk/run no more than 2 abreast at all times.

¨ All forms of walking are permitted including recreational, power walking and race walking. If you intend to walk & run, please enter in the Runner section. Should the Race Referee deem that an individuals walking style more resembles “jogging”, they will be 'promoted' as a Runner

¨ The organisers reserve the right to withdraw any competitor from the course should they consider continuing may be injurious to the competitors own health

¨ Final race instructions will be in your race pack, and all participants must report to the Start Line 10 minutes prior to the Start for a pre-race briefing

¨ For safety purposes (and so you can chat with fellow competitors!), iPods or similar gear are prohibited

¨ Race Numbers to be worn on the FRONT and visible at all times

¨ The approved Traffic Management Plan does not allow for a start earlier than 7.30am and ceases at 2:00pm. Timing will cease at 2pm,  marshalls will no longer be on course and we cannot guarantee First Aid support.

¨  If considering the  Marathon and likely to take longer than 6.5 hours  (a pace of  9 min 20 sec per km), we recommend you enter the Half Marathon. Requests for an early start will not be considered!





Organised by

Feilding Moa Harriers

PO Box 338, Feilding, Feilding

Phone: 063530298

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