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We will be hosting a Extreme Warrior Mud Run at Busco Beach & ATV Park in Goldsboro NC on October 20, 2018. Portion of registration will benefit TBA. This 7k obstacle course run will have wicked obstacles and of course lot's of mud pits that are sure to be challenging, but rewarding. We have planned for you 15+ of the most challenging obstacles we could put together and some of the toughest terrain we were able to find. The event will be followed by a Bar-B-Que festival for all participants and with discounted tickets for spectators. Portion of proceeds to be donated to TBA. Discounted hotel accommodations provided by our Extreme Sponsor TBA. If you are planning on coming up early please visit for info on things to do and local restaurants. For more information about the facility the run will be taking place at please visit After the mud run you can rent an ATV, Motorcycle, Side by Side, and other fun options to ride. What other mud run gives you that option?!



Event details and schedule

ATTENTION: Teams of 4 or more get $10 off per person!  Adult individual Prices are as follows: February 1st - March 31st $35, April 1st - May 31st $45, June 1st - June 30th - July 31st $55, August 1st - August 31st $65, September 1st - September 30th $75, October 1st - October 20th $85.  Start times are 10:00am-12:00pm every half hour. Spectator passes are $10 and include entry to the Bar-B-Que festival.

Click here to register:

"Junior Warrior" Kids Extreme Mud Run
We didn't want to leave the kids out of the action so we have a race planned just for them! The kids mud run will take place after the adult runs. Who's going to have better times? Mom and Dad or son and daughter? Guess you'll have to bring your kids to find out. Ages 4-7 $35 and Ages 8-15 $45.

Obstcale List  NOTE: New ULTIMATE BACKYARD WARRIOR and Hillbilly Hike Obstacles not yet listed!
1. Combat Tire Drill: Run through a few hundered tires
2. Slop-N-Slide Mud Dive: dive into a mud pit and then crawl through the mud
3. Warrior Wall Climb: Climb straight up a sky high wall and then back down
4. Jet Wash: swim through the water climbing over slippery obstacles
5. Seegars Fence Mountin: Climb up and over a mountain made of fence
6. Crazy Warrior Tunnel Crawl: crawl through tunnels in the mud
7. Seegars Fence Trench: Crawl under Seegars fence through mud (ranging 0-12" off ground)
8. Lumberjack Log Climb: Climb over and across a huge log pile
9. Balance Beam Log Weaver: Balance yourself on log beams over a mud pit
10. Seegars fence Hurdle's: Jump and/or climb over fence hurdles
11. Tire Pendulem: Run through a tunnel of hanging tires swinging like pendulems
12. Hill Climb: climb up a huge, steep, slippery hill and slide down other side
13. Sideways Wall Rock Climb: Climb sideways on a rock climb style wall
14. Reverse Wall: Decend own a steep slope backwards using a rope to guide yourself
16. Afterburner: jump over burning fire pits
17. Hill's Tire Climb: Climb up a muddy hill through tires
18. Aftermath Bath: Wade through muddy water with the Finish line in sight

Participants Must Read: Extreme Warrior Event Day Important Info and Schedule
Arrive 30 minutes prior to your start time
Bring towels and extra clothes/shoes
Bring bags to put your dirty clothes/shoes in
Bring any toiletry items that you may need to use after the fire trucks hose you down
Note: Busco Beach has bath houses that may be used for a $5 fee
Bring cash for event shirts, memorabilias, and extras at Bar-B-Que festival
Bring your A game and THINK SAFETY
Upon arrival head immediately to the registration booth to get checked in and get important updates/pertinent information
Restrooms available on site

Extreme Warrior Mud Run at Busco Beach and ATV Park
10:00am – First Run Starts
10:30am – Second Run Starts
11:00am – Third Run Starts
11:30am – Fourth Run Starts
12:00pm Kids Run
12:00pm – Bar-B-Que Festival starts

Attention Parents of Kid Participants: It is your responsibility to contact us to adjust your scheduled run time to be able to both supervise your children and be available during their scheduled run time of 12:00pm.  Please plan to be completed with your run prior to the kids run at 12pm

General Course Info: Should any start time exceed the course max participant cap it will be split into 15 minute increments (I.e 10:00am and 10:15am). You may skip any obstacle you choose but you must stop and allow the staff at that obstacle mark your runner bib therefore eliminating you from qualifying for any awards that may be given to the top runners. There will be event shirts available for pre-purchase for $15 and $20 day of event. 

There will be Fire Trucks on sight to hose everyone down after they finish the run.

Organised by

Extreme Promotions & Races LLC

1243 Bryan Blvd, Goldsboro

Phone: (919) 394-8504

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