• Running-Half marathon - Individual Age group/open
  • Running-5K - Individual Age group/open
  • Running-10K - Individual Age group/open


1-  All races will have a main finishers medal. I will guarantee that medal to all participants up to a certain number. Lets pretend it's 400. After we hit the 400 mark from the  registration page, mail in entries, and free entries all other registrations from the registration page, mail in and free entries  will receive a secondary finishers medal. (Of course something with the race logo).
2- All participants that sign up race day will be given a different color bib number. These participants will not be guaranteed a medal unless  (A) we don't hit the 400 number or the number we choose prior to the event. ( The 400 number is just an example). Or (B)  we have extra secondary medals.
  3- In the event that we have  400 main medals ( again this is a pretend number) and we only get 380 runners, then everyone will receive the main medal
4-  I will keep you updated periodically via Ocean State Multisport Facebook page and my website as to how many main medals are remaining for that given event. This way you will not be upset if you receive the secondary medal.
5- As far as the race day t-shirts go, we will not guarantee a race day t-shirt if you sign up on race day or 10 days prior to the event.( I choose 10 days, because that is the amount of time I need to give the t- shirt company. If you sign up on race day and there are no race day t-shirt left, you are more that welcome to check after the race to see if there were any no shows. If there are shirts left after the race, then they will be fair game to anyone.

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