Brier Creek Trail Run

Saturday 29th September 2018

Brier Creek Trail- Nolin Lake State Park: 2998 Brier Creek Road, Mammoth Cave, United States

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Nolin Lake State Park 5k Trail Run
Run will consist of a 1.2 miles of asphalt surface road section at the beginning of the race.
The rest of the race will be on the State Park Mountain Bike Trail that extends in a loop for 1.9 miles
and returns the same location as the start of the race at the beach parking lot.
Terrain will include a narrow dirt path with occasional clusters of rocks and exposed tree roots.
Some small drains the trail crosses may be wet/muddy.
There will be some change in elevation throughout the trail portion of the race, but most of the
elevation change will be gradual through a series of switch back turns that will take runners up the hillsides.
Sturdy running shoes designed for cross country running are recommended.
Wild animals such as squirrels, deer, wild turkey, turtles, and snakes may be encountered on the trail run

Event details and schedule

Organised by

Friends of Nolin Lake

PO BOX 11, Brownsville

Phone: 5027790219

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