Camp #Runthistown - Spring Edition!

Sunday 30th December 2018

AnMed Helath: 2000 East Greenville Street, Anderson, United States

Distance running, Running


  • 5K Training - AnMed Health Campus - Camp Participant
  • 5K Training - AnMed Health Campus - Camp Volunteer
  • 5K Training - Honea Path Middle School - Camp Participant
  • 5K Training - Honea Path Middle School - Camp Volunteer
  • 5K Training - Sandy Springs Track - Camp Participant
  • 5K Training - Sandy Springs Track - Camp Volunteer
  • 5K Training - Powdersville - Camp Participant
  • 5K Training - Powdersville - Camp Volunteer


This event is being rescheduled for June - Camp Runthistown Midnight Flight Edition.  Stay tuned to our social media converstation for updates!  


Join us for Camp #runthistown - Spring Edition! 

Camp #runthistown is a 12 week running program designed to help you take your first or next steps.  We are so excited about offer several 5k training locations for our Spring camps! 

With the help of our awesome volunteers, we have watched as over 1200 new runners have crossed their first 5K finish lines.  Many have gone on to complete 1/2 marathon and full marathon distances, many who are now running on our NYC Marathon #RunthistownBIGAPPLE team! Maybe you will be next! 

With a goal race on your calendar, the support of group runs and the encouragement of those that have been where you have been, it's a perfect plan to get you in the running shape of your dreams!  


Upcoming Goal Races:

First Flight's Race the Rainbow - March 16th

Meal's on Wheels Connector Run - March 30tht 


Event details and schedule

Camp Locations:  5k Training 

AnMed Track:  Anderson, SC

Honea Path Middle School:  Honea Path, SC 

Sandy Springs Track:  Sandy Springs, SC 

Powdersville, SC  (Location TBD) 



Important Dates:

December 30th at 3pm - Take Flight  - Peggy Deane Conference Center - AnMed Women's and Children's Hospital - 1st Floor - WEAR YOUR RUNNING SHOES!  - we will be doing a quick lap around the track - walking is OK! 

January 6th at 3pm- Group Runs at selected locations (continues every Sunday afternoon)

March 14th at 6:30pm  - Pasta Party celebrating your big 5K and 10K debut!

March 16th - RACE DAY! - Race the Rainbow 5K

March 30th - RACE DAY! - Connector Run 5K 


Cost:  5K - $31.00 (Online Registration available until December 30th at 12pm and again at the Take Flight Event from 2:30-3:00pm) 

Price includes:  12 Weeks of 3 day a week training program, 1 day a week group run with First Flight Certified Coaches and Volunteers, Camp T-shirt &  1 ticket to Celebration Party.

**Race Fees are not included in Camp Fees


Organised by

First Flight Alliance

113 Metro Drive, Anderson

Phone: 864-353-5113

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