Experience the full 3100km unique and breath taking coastline of Ireland by taking part in a physical and mentally demanding endurance cycling challenge.

Event details and schedule

This event is suited to the long distance cyclist and randonneur. It is a self - supported event.

Progress of all participants will be available through live tracking during this event.

The route will consist of control points that must be reached within a time period and riders will need to obtain “proof of passage” from a variety of commercial and information controls along the way.

This event is scheduled for 14th – 28th July 2018. 

This is a cycling Tour NOT a Race:

Participants will have 15 days to complete the event. The event is designed to highlight the costal points of interest along the 3100km route with competitors enjoying a unique tourist experience.

The uncompetitive nature of the event allows the participant sufficient time between segments to rest event coordinators will suggest rest points however it will be at the discretion of the individual participants to schedule their rest stops for both sleep and food. 

Registration fee includes a minimum of two rest stops and a bag drop at 1300km. Keep up to date on the event web site. 

Bike Classifications:

This event will be open to various classifications of bikes encompassing elliptigos, tandems, tricycles, recumbents, road bikes etc. Rules of the road apply all participants must wear properly fitted and CE marked helmets.

Organised by

Atlantic Series Challenge

Tonemace, Belmullet

Phone: 00353876147032

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