Etape Caledonia 2019

Sunday 19th May 2019

Pitlochry: Pitlochry, Pitlochry, United Kingdom

Cycling, Triathlon, Sprint


  • CHARITY - Marie Curie Charity Pledge Place: 40 MILE
  • CHARITY - Marie Curie Charity Pledge Place: 85 MILE
  • CHARITY - Marie Curie Gold Bond Pledge Place: 85 MILE
  • CORPORATE - Corporate 40 MILE
  • CORPORATE - Corporate 85 MILE


Etape Caledonia is a mass participation cycling event that has attracted more than 35,000 people since it debuted in 2007. With 5,000 places on offer each year, this sell out event attracts riders from all over the country to take on one of the most breathtaking rides through the spectacular Scottish Highlands.

It is hard for riders to not enjoy the views, whilst taking breaks at the number of food and drink stations placed around the course. Once completed, it's time to sit back, relax, and soak up the atmosphere in the Event Village. Riders can stick around to raise a glass with friends and family to toast their cycling achievement.

Event details and schedule


Sunday 19th May 2019.


Etape Caledonia is situated in the Victorian town Pitlochry in the county of Perthshire in Scotland. Pitlochry is one of Scotland's most beautiful and vibrant places to visit so we recommend enjoying a full weekend of what the town has to offer.


Etape Caledonia has two routes on offer through winding roads, tree-lined avenues, Lochs, mountains and everything in between.

  • 85 mile
  • 40 mile

The 85 mile course is technical and challenging in parts, but still allows riders moments where they can take a break from the hurt locker and take in the stunning views. The 40 mile brings in some challenges, but takes out the steep climb of Schiehallion.


For the 40 mile course you will take a left away from the 85 mile route at Tummel Bridge where you will begin the ascent to 392m. Once you have finished the climb you can enjoy a descent taking you South towards Coshieville and round to Aberfeldy. The route then takes you back around to the finish line back in Pitlochry, where you can relax and celebrate your achievements at the event festival.

The 85 mile course is a cyclists dream; consisting of rolling hills and forest-lined roads around Loch Rannoch, Loch Tummel, combined with the demanding, twisting climb of Mt Schiehallion (1,083m).

Head up to Trinafour with a challenging ascent of 374m and back down towards Kinloch Rannoch. Once you have cycled around Loch Rannoch you will begin your ascent up Mt Schehallion (382m). Afterwards, enjoy the descent down towards Aberfeldy and head back towards the finish line in Pitlochry.

Essential Items:

  • Bike
  • Helmet
  • Race Number/Timing Chip
  • Rain Jacket
  • Energy Supplies
  • Safety Pins

Rules and Regulations:

It's not a race, it's just a ride - don't leave the pack begind, you are in this together.

Wearing lycra is permitted - the tighter, the better really.

Zonking and bonking are only allowed at home - make sure you don't hit the hypoglycemia wall and stock up on your carbs!

Descend like a pro - descents are not for recovery. Stay alert and aware of your fellow cyclists.

Celebrate and share - please share all your photos with us by using #EtapeCaledonia and tag all your friends!

Keep it clean - rude behavior towards participants, event staff and locals will not be tollerated.

Leave tyre marks, not rubbish - respect the Perthshire beauty. Any participant caught littering will be disqualified from the event.

Don't water the local gardens...they get enough rain - any participant caught using local gardens or doorways as toilets will be disqualified from the event.


Organised by

Limelight Sports Ltd.

30 Stamford Street, London

Phone: 020 3865 6979

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