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Coach Karlyn Pipes from Kona, Hawaii wants to HELP YOU SWIM FASTER WITH LESS EFFORT!


This past year, Hall of Fame Swimmer and swim technique coach Karlyn Pipes changed her technique in all of the four competitive strokes. 


WHY would someone so fast, so accomplished...make a change? Because she was dissatisfied with her swimming! Even though Karlyn has set over 200 FINA Masters World records to date, she was seeking something better, faster and EASIER. Well, she has found it” and would love to share BETTER! FASTER and EASIER techniques with you! 


This workshop begins the first hour in a classroom setting discussing past and present freestyle swim techniques. Students will then enter the water where Karlyn will begin with the basics: breathing, balance and body awareness. Karlyn will then gradually build into the step-by-step freestyle stroke progression that is designed to help YOU swim a faster and more efficient freestyle. 


Cost is $125 or $110 for Chelsea Pier members or returninig clients. hurry, and space is limited.


About: Karlyn was inducted into the International Swimming Hall of Fame in 2015 for setting over 233 FINA Masters World records. However, Karlyn is equally amazing as a stroke technique coach who loves helping swimmers of all ages and abilities learn how to swim faster with less effort.  For more about Karlyn please visit

If you like reading inspiring come-back stories, you might be interested in my memoir The Do-Over, My Journey from the depths of Addiction to World Champion Swimmer available on Amazon. Howerver, I will have a limited number of autographed copies at the workshop. Cost is $20 (cash only please). Or, pre-order when you register and save $5!


Here is a link to part one of a series of videos filmed by VASA Trainer explaining the hand entry for freestyle. Over four million hits.


You might enjoy this podcast from 2019 Ironman discussing Karlyn’s teaching techniques with Simon Ward from SWAT



Lastly, here’s Karlyn’s wiki page!

Event details and schedule

The workshop will take place on Thursday, March 5th from 6-9 PM at Chelsea Piers, Stamford, CT.

1-hour on deck/classroom to discuss techniques
1:45 in-water session for step-by-step FREESTYLE stroke progression
15 min for Q and A and to wrap up

Here are some suggestions to help prepare for this event:

IMPORTANT! If you get cold easily, please consider bringing your wetsuit. I try to find the warmest pool available but even in 82-degree water, you may get cold. Even if you do not wear it, it is nice to have the wetsuit as an option.

Arrive early: Please arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the start of the clinic. If you have never been to this pool, please allow even more time due to traffic, getting lost etc.

What to bring: An open mind, water bottle, snacks, towels, goggles. If you get cold easy be SURE TO BRING YOUR WETSUIT. You do NOT need equipment such as paddles, kickboards or buoys, but fins are ok.




Organised by

Aquatic Edge

77-6479 Kilohaha St, Kailua Kona

Phone: 8087560195 x96740

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