Father and Son 5K - Cork

Sunday 22nd October 2017

Marina road: Marina road, Cork, Ireland

Running, Distance running


  • Running-5 km - Indivdual
  • Running-5 km - Parent and child
  • Running-5 km - Family Registration


Father and Son Run proudly sponsored by Costcutter will be taking place in Cork  for the first time this year.

Father and Son Run in Cork (home of Barry Group) will take place on Sunday October 22 on Marina Road. It will be in aid of charities Chernobyl Children International and Fighting Blindness. 

Fighting Blindness

Fighting Blindness is a small charity with a big mission - to CURE, SUPPORT and EMPOWER. Thanks to support like yours they give hope to the 246,773 people in Ireland living with severe vision impairment.

Fighting Blindness funds vital vision research all over Ireland in the quest to find treatments and cures for blindness.

They run an Insight Counselling Service which provides counselling and support to people affected by sight loss and their families. Sight is our most treasured sense and the thought of losing it naturally gives rise to feelings of fear and uncertainty.  Since 2002 they have helped hundreds of people and families across Ireland affected by sight loss.

Working in partnership with groups in the areas of health, science, industry and government, Fighting Blindness advocates on behalf of all people living with sight loss, to achieve the greatest impact in the global fight against blindness.

For more on Fighting Blindness please see www.FightingBlindness.ie 

Chernobyl Children International

A desperate appeal, made by Belarusian and Ukrainian doctors, was sent by fax and received by Adi Roche, then a volunteer with a nuclear disarmament group, in January 1991. The message was simple and to the point, begging someone—anyone—to take the children away from Chernobyl’s highly toxic and radioactive environment so that their bodies had some chance of recovery.

By the time this fax was sent, five years had passed since the nuclear disaster. The world had already started to forget about the millions of children and adults forced to live with its lethal after-effects. Many people believed that the danger was over, that the threat had been contained. In fact, the effects of intense radiation, mass displacement, poverty and lack of medical treatment continued to create intolerable conditions for the inhabitants of Belarus, Western Russia and the Ukraine.

For more on Chernobyl Children International please see www.chernobyl-international.com



Event details and schedule

Organised by

Fighting Blindness

3rd Floor, 7 Ely Place

Phone: 016789004

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