Flower Child's Water Color Kids Obstacle Course

Saturday 30th September 2017

Francis Field: 25 W Castillo Dr, St. Augustine, United States



Kids will start out running through a 50 ft tunnel  to being squirt with colored water. The color is from colored cornstarch so it is non-toxic. Then they will proceed to run through bubbles from our bubble machine and finally through 7+ obstacles. 

Children will be allowed to go through up to 3 times and will be open for an hour (depending on how many participants we have). 

If children are younger than 5, an adult or older child will be able to help them through the obstacles as long as they sign a waiver. 

Event details and schedule

The Event starts at 10 am and will be open for an hour (Depending on participants)


Organised by

Flower Child Production

PO BOX 917, Ponte Vedra Beach

Phone: 404-831-7474

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