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Guerilla Running training groups are supportive, fun, and led by experienced running coaches certified through the USATF. The 12-week training program will safetly support you as you train for a full or a half marathon. The goal race in 2018 is the Winthrop Marathon & Half Marathon (or other full/half of your choosing in the last week of September/first week of October). The GR training groups have proven success at helping people cross their first marathon/half marathon finish line all the way to Boston qualification. And the group is so fun!!! 

Event details and schedule

Group meets: 

Tuesday nights @ 6PM for Speed/Strength

Saturday mornings for supported long runs. 

Group includes: 
* Guidance for the entire week (even days you're not running with the group)

* Access to USATF Certified running coaches

* Discounts on gear


Organised by

Guerilla Running

8620 Johnson Point Road NE, Olympia

Phone: (360) 701-1604