Hawaiki Toa - Realm of the Gods - Saturday, November 17th 2018

Saturday 17th November 2018

Vector Wero Whitewater Park: 770 Great South Rd, Auckland, New Zealand

Triathlon, Swimming, Running, Other triathlon distance


  • Beginners (Toa Whakataki) 4km Course - Individual Open
  • Intermediate (Toa Takawaenga) 6km Course - Individual Open
  • Advanced (Toa Takawaenga) 8km Course - Individual Open
  • Beginners Early-Bird Special - Takirua – (2 people) Do it together
  • Intermediate Early-Bird Special - Takirua – (2 people) Do it together
  • Advanced Early-Bird Special - Takirua – (2 people) Do it together
  • Group Intermediate (Roopu kotahi) 6kms course - Team of 5


Hawaiki TOA is an international endurance event that integrates traditional Māori training philosophies into a custom made pā (fortress) site designed to provide people with a unique Māori experience. Centred around the elements of the gods, Hawaiki TOA incorporates significant themes of navigation, cultivation, and life inside the fortress. 

Each course consists of a swim, run, and obstacle course. On each leg of the course you will encounter uniquely Māori challenges. The mission is to find a pounamu (greenstone) located on the shoreline of our waters in the swim event along with your taura (necklace) found in the run, this taonga (treasure) must then be worn around the neck to enter into the last round of Te Pā.(The obstacle course). Only then can each competitor will be honoured by the elements of the gods as a warrior of our time.

This prestigious event will be held at the world-class Vector Wero White Water Park, Manukau Auckland. Hawaiki Toa is a diverse event that welcomes men, women, whanau and corporate groups to challenge themselves at any level in this unique experience.


Age limit: 16+ at all levels (Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced)


Course configurations:

Beginners (Toa Whakataki) 1km swim, 2km run, 1km obstacle course

Intermediate (Toa Takawaenga) 1.5km swim, 3km run, 1.5km obstacle course

Advanced (Toa Takawaenga) 2km swim, 4km run, 2km obstacle course

Event details and schedule

Details to help you prepare for Hawaiki Toa are available at hawaikitoa.com 

Go online to check out our Free - open training camps throughout Auckland. 


Organised by

Hawaiki Toa Ltd

5a Sheehan Road, Te Atatu South, Auckland, Auckland

Phone: 0210684431

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