• Wave 1 (9:45am) - Individual
  • Wave 2 (10:15am) - Individual
  • Wave 2 (10:15am) - Team Entry (6 - 9 members)
  • Wave 2 (10:15am) - Team Entry (10+ members)
  • Wave 3 (10:45am) - Individual
  • Wave 3 (10:45am) - Team Entry (6 - 9 members)
  • Wave 3 (10:45am) - Team Entry (10+ members)
  • Little Devils - Individual


HellRunner Series

HellRunner use entirely natural terrain. There will only ever be one huge obstacle to overcome and that is Mother Nature herself. Expect multi-terrain and varying underfoot conditions as we take you on an off-piste adventure running experience like no other. There will be everything from running tracks and trails to water-filled areas and plenty of steep hills. From “Lucifer’s Lido” to the “Bog of Doom”, expect to get smelly and wet! It will be nature at its toughest.

Event details and schedule

HellRunner – Hell Up North. The toughest half marathon in the UK and, in the long run, naturally the best.

Hell up North, has just got harder. In fact, you’ll be facing the toughest half-marathon in the UK. More suffering, yet more enjoyment.

The course will be marked but do not expect to see mile or kilometre markers….that’s for those softy road running types. All you need to know is that the course will be 13.1 miles in length and it will be the slowest half-marathon of your running career to date. Harder, Hillier and Hellier than anything you’ve have faced before. But you’ll Run Happy with HellRunner.

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21 Glossop Road, Charlesworth, Glossop

Phone: 01457 855425