• Running 5K -- Humans - Run for your life!
  • Running 5K -- Zombies - Volunteer as a Zombie!! Super Fun Stuff!!


This run is a non-timed event, filled with 20 obstacles on the 3.1 mile course. This is a true adventure as you run through the woods, while occasionally being chased by monsters, through swamp, over many easy hills, pine plantations, hardwoods areas, & field edges. The obstacles are designed by a former Army drill sergeant, but do not fear him! There are multiple opportunities to encounter any number of our special zombie hoarde! “Survivors”, and those unfortunate enough to be “Contaminated” can chow down at the finish line, and gloat to your heart's content. We won’t care if you’re covered in mud and zombie slime, we like you anyways!


*New for 2017* - Human will be fighting back against the Zombies that they encounter along the way. Just what is involving in this? Well, since everyone made our zombies look utterly foolish last year, only one person per group will have the super powers available for fighting the zombies. You pick. Humans or Zombies. It's up to you.

Not looking to run, but you would rather scare the ever-loving crap out of innocent runners? You can register to be a zombie for FREE!! You will receive a volunteer zombie shirt.  The Trail of Terror makeup staff will be on site that day to help you choose the perfect zombie costume, and make you to look like the most fabulous version of your undead self.

Date: Sunday September 24, 2017 (Rain or Shine)

Volunteer Check-in Time: 8am

Registration: Online at

Race Check-in: 9am

First wave will be released to the monsters at 10am

Registration ends Saturday September 9, 2017


Registration Information:

Entry Fee $50 prior to September 9. All registrants after September 9: $65. Runners registering the day of the event may not receive a shirt.

Registration includes: Race Bib, long sleeve technical shirt, finisher’s medal, post-race food, and a discount coupon good for a group of 10 people to the 2017 Trail of Terror outdoor haunt!!

See for more information regarding the Trail of Terror, and volunteer opportunities!

Check us out on Facebook and follow us on Twitter @skeletoncrew10


Event details and schedule

Humans V Zombies Adventure Race


  1. What is the schedule of events?

Volunteers will arrive on site by 8am. This includes the zombie actors who will meet in the Trail of Terror staging building for makeup and costumes. All other volunteers will assemble in the field near the starting area. Zombies for each "team" will be delivered to their respective areas of mayhem.

Runners may pick up their packets beginning at 9am.  

Runners will be released to the zombies starting at 10am, in small groups, and every 10 minutes to follow. Runners may choose when they wish to race. The course will close after 1pm.

  1. Course info?

The course is set on 120 acres of woods. The complete course map, along with placement of obstacles will be available at the registration/ packet pick up tent on the day of the event.

All obstacles are safe and sturdy. Anyone not wishing to attempt a particular obstacle/station is welcome to go around with no penalty, however we cannot guarantee that other monsters may or may not be lurking around.

  1. Arrival and Parking?

Parking is free, and will available in the field.

  1. Waivers and ID?

Please bring your signed waivers and ID along when you pick up your race packet. We will have extra waivers on hand on the day of the race. They are also available on the Trail of Terror website:

  1. What should I bring?

Everyone here at Trail of Terror wants your experience at the Humans V Zombies Adventure Race to be a fun one. This is why we do not have obstacles covered in poo, nor do we think that electrical shocks are fun either. Rock on to anyone who likes that kind of stuff, but we have to say no thanks, and our obstacles are pretty friendly, no matter what your age or ability is. This doesn’t mean that they are elementary school playground material either. Our former Army drill sergeant is our top notch designer, so look out! With that being said, bring a good attitude and a sense of humor and you will be fine. The zombies are working as hard as you are, and they just want to have fun, too. There are regular zombies, but look out for the marking zombies. They are carrying chalk markers, and if you accumulate 3 colors throughout the course, that’s it. You’ve been contaminated. There’s no hope for you. (See #1 above) Nobody ever said that all zombies are out to eat your brains, now did they? We only get the zombies who’ve been fed and trained properly. See for more information. (just kidding…there is no such thing as how to train your zombie…we wish that there was).

  1. What should I wear?

The best way that we can answer this question is to tell you what NOT to wear! Please don’t wear anything that has sentimental value, or that you REALLY want to save. More than likely your stuff is going to get really muddy, and really wet, and we are OK with you throwing your items away upon completion of the race. There will be receptacles there just waiting to swallow up your dirty stuff. If you want to take your dirty, messy things with you, then we completely understand, and we won’t judge you.

  1. Anything else?

Please tell all of your awesome friends about this Adventure Race!! We are NOT a motocross course, nor is everything out in the open. This is legit! We are having a lot of fun planning out the obstacles and the course, with changes taking place each year. Safety and fun are our top priorities here at the Humans V Zombies Adventure Race!! Profits go to support the Oconto High School Track and Field team. Thanks! Tell us what you think!! Find us on Facebook or at

Organised by

Section 7 Project, Inc./ Trail of Terror

213 Quincy Street, Oconto

Phone: 920-373-5528

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