• Running-26.80 - Individual Age group/open
  • Running-13.40 - Individual Age group/open
  • Running-2.68 - Individual Age group/open
  • International - Individual Age group/open


I Run 4 Coast to Coast is to promote inclusion from right coast to the left coast. This three part medal will be like a jigsaw puzzle. You won't want to miss out on all three as they will contain magnets to connect them!

Event details and schedule

The U.S.A. is 2680 miles wide. That's how far we need to spread inclusion. This race is a three part series. You will need to do all three races to get the entire U.S.A. medal. There are three distances you can choose from... 26.80, 13.40, and 2.68.

Organised by

I Run 4

P.O. Box 772, Crookston

Phone: 701-741-5631

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