Insandity at the Sandbox

Saturday 23rd September 2017

The Sandbox: 3631 Gerard Dr., El Paso, United States

Mud running, Running


  • Running-3 miles - Non-Military 8:00am
  • Running-3 miles - Non-Military 9:00am
  • Running-3 miles - Non-Military 10:00am
  • Running-3 miles - Non-Military 11:00am
  • Running-3 miles - Non-Military 12:00pm
  • Running-3 miles - Non-Military 1:00pm
  • Running-3 miles - Non-Military 2:00pm
  • Running-3 miles - Non-Military 3:00pm
  • Running-3 miles - Non-Military 4:00pm
  • Running-3 miles - Active Military 8:00am
  • Running-3 miles - Active Military 9:00am
  • Running-3 miles - Active Military 10:00am
  • Running-3 miles - Active Military 11:00am
  • Running-3 miles - Active Military 12:00pm
  • Running-3 miles - Active Military 1:00pm
  • Running-3 miles - Active Military 2:00pm
  • Running-3 miles - Active Military 3:00pm
  • Running-3 miles - Active Military 4:00pm
  • Running-3 miles - 5 to 15 Year Old 8:00AM
  • Running-3 miles - 5 to 15 Year Old 9:00AM
  • Running-3 miles - 5 to 15 Year Old 10:00AM
  • Running-3 miles - 5 to 15 Year Old 11:00AM
  • Running-3 miles - 5-15 Year Old 12:00PM
  • Running-3 miles - 5-15 Year Old 1:00PM
  • Running-3 miles - 5 to 15 Year Old 2:00PM
  • Running-3 miles - 5 to 15 Year Old 3:00PM
  • Running-3 miles - 5 to 15 Year Old 4:00PM


DO YOU LIKE NINJA WARRIOR, TOUGH MUDDER or SPARTAN RACE? Sure, but how about an obstacle course for EVERYONE? InSANDity is for fit adults who want to test themselves for the fastest completion time, all the way to kids 5 years old and up. Now's your time to do an event with friends/family where ALL can compete.
The 3rd annual El Paso, TX. InSANDity obstacle course event takes place on a scenic, point-to-point course on Saturday 9/23/2017. ALL Participants receive a drawstring back pack filled with goodies such as an event T-shirt, sunscreen, chapstick, deodarant and ibuprofen (to take away any aches and pains after the event).
Complete the event to test yourself or run with family/friends/co-workers. Enjoy live DJ music during and after the event to keep you motivated and indulge in our food and beer vendors on site.
It's going to be a great time! There is a 1000 person limit and prices increase as the date draws closer so register as soon as your able to! We can't wait for you to experience the event.
The Sandbox Sunset Sports, is a local non-profit organization dedicated to help local underpriveledge talented athletes.

By participating in our event, you're helping your neighbor, your friend, and even your own child

Thank you for helping our kids.


Event details and schedule

Course will be 3000 feet long with over 3 acres and 20+ obstacles including water, mud, fire and sand. (Don't worry we have hoses to rinse you off so you don't track in any debris to your cars when you leave). 

Just to keep things interesting. We throw in some of our specially built obstacles to test your strength, agility balance and sense of adventure.

ALL obstacles will have HARD and EASY option so you can choose the level of difficulty that feels right for you. And if you're just not up for an obstacle, skip it all togheter! Enjoy the beer and food festival or just enjoy great music by our live DJ. 

Heats will start every HOUR, and you can chose which time you want to run on registration. 

You MUST sign the online waiver to complete your registration and be eligible for the obstacle course event. 

Make sure you show up at least 30 minutes before your heat to register and pick up your back pack and t-shirt. (it's going to get crowded so PLEASE come early).

Parking will be availabe a block away from the facility on the corner of LaVon and Gerard

Make sure to wear tennis shoes and sun block and bring a towel to dry off. 

Organised by

The Sandbox Sunset Sports

P O Box 371063, EL Paso

Phone: 9153292655

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