A course NOT just aimed at "Beginner" level athletes!

Triathlon continues to be one of the fastest growing participation sports in the country. Triathlon is a wonderful way to maintain a healthy lifestyle whilst meeting new people with similar interest. Our updated program is designed to cater to athletes of all backgrounds and abilities. 

Whether you are starting out or perhaps looking to evolve from a swim, bike or run background into all 3 our Introduction Program will cater to all levels of ability.  

Our Triathlon Australia Accredited Coaches, Swimming Australia Accredited Coach and our Physio Therapist who specialises in Run Technique will guide you through 30 specific sessions over the 6 weeks.

Whether you are a swimmer, cyclist or runner that is looking to put all three together or new to all three you will get a lot from our course. Your fitness level also wont limit your experience from our course. We equip you with all of you with the skills, knowledge and opportunities to give you a comprehensive introduction into this wonderful sport.

We pride ourselves on the fact our course does not discriminate against any personal capability levels.

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