• Triathlon-Adventure - Adult
  • Triathlon-Adventure - 3 person team
  • Triathlon-Adventure - Youth 15 or younger
  • 2 - Person Team - 2 - Person Team


Kyribu Triathlon is a one of a kind adventure race. It is made up of a 2 mile kayak followed by a 10 mile mountain bike course and finished off by a 3 mile trail run.


It is recommended that all participates provide their own kayak, however if a kayak is needed there is a limited number that can be rented from Kybiru. Lifejackets are required.

Event details and schedule


Race day is August 11th, 2018


First heat will start at 9:00 AM, additional heats will be set up to start each hour depending on the number of participates.  

We will send out an email the week of the race detailing what to expect the day of the race. If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us through email at either or 

We look forward to another great race this year.


Organised by


523 Juniper Drive, Bismarck

Phone: 7012024874