This isn’t your typical 5k run, this is a race to beat the leprechaun to the pot of gold. Don’t worry you’ll have a head start. For those lads and lasses passed by the leprechaun just make sure he doesn’t leave his gold mark on you. There will be special prizes awarded for those who beat the leprechaun. Dressing up is encouraged.

Proceeds to benefit South Fork track team and Interact Club

Event details and schedule

A fun, all ages, family event, the Leperchaun Chase winds through the trails of the Southern Humboldt Community Park. The course will start in the open, winding through the trees, to come out in the vinyard, and through the farm animals. The flat course is accessable for most and will allow for all to participate, either by walking or racing the leprechan. 

This will be an all weather event, rain or shine, we will have fun. Dressing up is encouraged, make sure you have your green on so you don't get pinched! 

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