Let's Turn Skipperville Blue

Saturday 19th May 2018

Skipperville, Al: 6866, Skipperville, United States

Walking, 5K


  • Walking-5K - Individual Age group/open
  • Walking-5K - Individual Age group/open


This is the first Annual "Let's Turn Skipperville Blue" Walk Event. I love someone who suffers from Huntington's Disease and she loves me.

My sister Elnora Williams was diagnosed with the Huntington's Disease over three years now. It has been very painful to watch her from a far decline physically in the way that she has in such a short amount of time. What I know to be true when it comes to this young beautiful creature without a doubt is that she have been and still is one of the strongest, inspiring, motivating and brave women that I have had the pleasure and the reward of instilli...ng good/right values in me while growing up and even still up to this day!

When you look at these pictures, yes physically you can see a decline in her from photo to photo. What you can't see is the fight in her then and the fight in her now has changed astonishly. The fight in her then was big and just amazing for a little girl like myself at the time to witness...but the fight in her now has simply blown me away. I think at times while watching her in this state of being, my GOD, thank you for allowing her to keep up the good fight! Because truth be told, she could have just laid down and accepted her harsh realtiy in defeat. Not my Nora!

When her body shows her by taking a scary hard fall that she can no longer depend of her own body, she don't allow her brain to agree. She gets up and try time and time again...and yes, she falls even scarier and harder next time and time again after the first, second, third...etc! Her children/My siblings,Karlos, CJ and Devin says "Nora, you can't just think you can move without anyone helping you". What they are telling her is a fact. But Nora's reality, her solace for what she believes is GOD's TRUTH for her life gives me solace. It is very disheartening to watch her like this but in the same token, she is fighting like hell for the Nora in her mind, in my mind and your minds that she know to be. I THANK GOD for that! She is a believer in GOD and knows what GOD SAYS WILL BE. So she keeps James 2:14-26 in the front and the back of her mind. She knows with GOD all things are possible. Her unwavering faith to keep pushing on to see what the end will be gives us hope!! This is her living testimony.

So please on May 19th @ 7AM in the country, come out and support the cause - Let's turn Skipperville Blue. This will also be a virtual event, you can help "turn skipperville blue" right from you where you are. Run/Walk details, donations and other festivities will post today!


Thank you Sincerely with LOVE,

From the Williams, Bryant and Dubose Family


Event details and schedule

Registration will be held up to the day of the event on MAY 19TH @7AM. Race day registration will open at 6 AM closing immediately at 7AM.

Take off will be immediately @8AM ending immediately @ 10AM. Please bring your music, your inspiration, your love and your happy feet.

Organised by

Let's Turn Skipperville Blue

725 Hezekiah Way, Ellenwood

Phone: 6787272369

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