• Running-6K - Resident Adult
  • Running-6K - Student 18 and Under
  • Running-6K - Senior Sneakers 65 and Over
  • Running-6K - Non-Resident Adult
  • Running-6K - Student Track and Field invitation
  • Walking-6K - Resident Adult
  • Walking-6K - Student 18 and Under
  • Walking-6K - Senior Sneakers 65 and Over
  • Walking-6K - Non-Resident Adult
  • Running-Kid's 100 Yard Dash - Kid's 100 Yard Dash


This unique 6K (3.73 miles) race is a scenic run around
beautiful Lake Clarke. Entirely on a paved surface, this run is fun for all runners - beginners, advanced, or elite - as well as walkers of all ages. This is a great community event in one of the nicest communities in South Florida. There will also be a Kids 100-yard dash for the little ones.

NOVEMBER 18, 2018 Why 6K? – The distance around Lake Clarke is more than 5K and we want people to enjoy all the lake has to offer. We’ll mark the 5K point so that you can track your progress on your way to the Finish Line and your own personal record.

Event details and schedule

Organised by

Town of Lake Clarke Shores

1701 Barbados Road, Lake Clarke Shores

Phone: 561-332796