• Running-5K Sunset - Adult 5K
  • Running-5K Sunset - Kids 5K
  • Running-10K Sunset - Adult 10K
  • Running-10K Sunset - Kids 10K
  • Kids Triathlon (12 & Under) - Kids Tri (12 & Under)
  • My First Tri - Individual
  • My First Tri - Junior
  • My First Tri - 2 Person Relay
  • My First Tri - 3 Person Relay
  • Sprint Triathlon - Individual
  • Sprint Triathlon - Junior
  • Sprint Triathlon - 2 Person Relay
  • Sprint Triathlon - 3 Person Relay
  • Sprint Duathlon - Individual
  • Sprint Duathlon - Junior
  • Sprint Duathlon - 2 Person Relay
  • Sprint Duathlon - 3 Person Relay
  • Sprint Aquabike - Individual
  • Sprint Aquabike - Junior
  • Sprint Aquabike - 2 Person Relay
  • Olympic Triathlon - Individual
  • Olympic Triathlon - Junior
  • Olympic Triathlon - 2 Person Relay
  • Olympic Triathlon - 3 Person Relay
  • Olympic Duathlon - Individual
  • Olympic Duathlon - Junior
  • Olympic Duathlon - 2 Person Relay
  • Olympic Duathlon - 3 Person Relay
  • Olympic Aquabike - Individual
  • Olympic Aquabike - Junior
  • Olympic Aquabike - 2 Person Relay



Join us for the Inaugural LUCKY TRIATHLON Festival in beautiful Woodland WA hosting a Sprint, Olympic & My First Triathlon, Duathlon & AquaBike, a Sunset 5K & 10K and a FREE KIDS TRI on a flat, fast and scenic course! 

Woodland WA is the southern gateway to Mt. St. Helens where the Columbia River and Lewis River converge. You'll be swimming in beautiful Horseshoe Lake, biking along country fields with views of the rivers and running along the river trail. 

How did we come up with the name "LUCKY' triathlon? First, you'll be swimming in Horseshoe Lake which is literally the shape of a Horseshoe - what's more lucky than a Horseshoe?! Plus this event is just minutes away from Ilani Casino so you can try you luck at this incredible new facility. We'll be hosting some other fun games at the event to go along with our LUCKY theme. LIVE LUCKY! RUN LUCKY! TRI LUCKY!




6:00pm: SUNSET 5K/10K - Kids races the 5K for FREE!


  • Olympic Triathlon:1.5K Swim, 40K Bike, 10K Run (Start Time – 8:00am in waves)
  • Olympic Duathlon: 5k Run, 40K Bike, 10K Run (Start Time – 8:00am mass start)
  • Olympic AquaBike: 1.5K Swim, 40K bike (Start in Olympic AquaBike wave)
  • Sprint Triathlon: ½ mile Swim, 14 mile Bike, 5K Run (Start Time – 8:30am in waves)
  • Sprint Duathlon: 5k Run, 14 mile Bike, 5k Run (Start Time – 8:30am mass start)
  • Sprint AquaBike: ½ mile Swim, 14 mile Bike (Start in Sprint AquaBike wave)
  • My First Tri: 1/4 mile Swim, 14 mile Bike, 5k Run (Start Time - last Sprint wave

Attention Canucks: The first weekend in August is a holiday for our Canadian friends, so we invite you all to come down for a long weekend, race and enjoy Woodland, Mt. St. Helen's and all the beauty in the surrounding areas. 

*Note: The Lucky Triathlon is replacing the 35th Annual MidSummer MultiSport Festival due to unpredictable water conditions at Blue Lake Park in August months.

This Lucky Triathlon Festival is a MUST event to put onto your racing calendar and a wonderful way to spend a 
summer weekend.

Event details and schedule

Organised by

Why Racing Events INC

2310 E. 2nd Str, Suite A, Vancouver

Phone: 360-574-7292

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