Managing Body Composition & Advanced Triathlon Nutrition Concepts

Friday 18th May 2018

Hilton Ft. Lauderdale Marina: 1881 SE 17th Street Causeway, Ft. Lauderdale, United States



  • Clinic/camp-One-day - Level I Attendee or USAT Certified Coach
  • Clinic/camp-One-day - USAT Member
  • Clinic/camp-One-day - General Public


This CEU will take place from 5:30 - 7:30 p.m. EST.


CEU Location:

Hilton Ft. Lauderdale Marina
1881 SE 17th Street
Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33316

About the Course:
This CEU will discuss nutrition concepts that has been successful with athletes and non-athletes all over the country for more than a decade. The approach is based on those foods that are the most nutrient dense and critical for athletes to consume. Improved performance, improved health, and optimal body composition can all be achieved with a focus on “core foods” which are the backbone to the program. Less nutrient dense foods can serve a specific purpose, and are timed to provide athletes a benefit to their training, and decrease the storage of unwanted body fat. Join us and learn how small adjustments in food choices and timing can have a big impact on performance, body composition and overall health. Never be nutritionally limited in training or life!

What You Will Learn:
(1) How to adjust your eating habits to improve performance and general health
(2) How to choose foods based on nutrient density and WHY you need to eat them
(3) How to adjust your Macronutrients (Protein, Carbs, Fat) according to your training volume and body composition goals

About Jesse Kropelnicki:
Jesse is an elite/pro level triathlon coach who founded the QT2 Systems brand of endurance preparation businesses, including The Core Diet. He is the triathlon coach for many professional athletes including TJ Tollakson, Linsey Corbin, Angela Naeth and Pedro Gomes, among others. His interests are in coaching professional triathletes using quantitative training and nutrition protocols. He is a USAT Level III Certified Coach and author of the book “The Endurance Training Diet & Cookbook: The How, When, and What for Fueling Runners and Triathletes to Improve Performance”.

Cancellation Policy: Cancellation on or after March 30, 2018 results in a $25 penalty.

If you do not show up to the class, there is no refund and CEUs are not provided. Refunds are not given after the class has occurred.

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