Marine Mud Run

Saturday 15th September 2018

Greenhill Park: 2501 Parkside Dr, Salem, United States

Mud running, 5K


  • Devil Pup Dare - Pollywog Jog
  • Team Race - Mixed - Group-registration team Age group/open
  • Team Race - Female - Group-registration team Age group/open
  • Team Race - Male - Group-registration team Age group/open


The Marine Mud Run will be entering their 23rd year and has become an historical community event. Over the past twenty two years, more than 30,000“runners” have participated, generating over $300,000.00 to benefit Roanoke Toys for Tots Foundation and Camp Roanoke. Both of these organizations benefit underprivileged children in the Roanoke Valley.

Event details and schedule

Race Info and Directions:

  • Race Day: Saturday, September 15, 2018
  • Place: Green Hill Park, Roanoke County, VA
  • Directions to Park: I-81, Salem Exit 137, Follow Mud Run signs to park. For more location information, visit our Maps section.
Opening Ceremony: 7:45 AM
  • National Anthem
  • Posting of Colors
Race Times:
  • Devil Dog Dare 8:00 AM (No Race Day Registrations Allowed)
  • 5k Individual Race 9:30 AM
  • Pollywog Jog 11:00 AM
  • Team Race 5k 12:00 AM

Runners will be required to be at the race site no later than 90 minutes prior to your race. Should you pick up your packet on Friday then you will only need to be there 45 minutes prior to race time. The races will run on time with or without you. You should give yourself adequate time to park, pick up your race bib and put on your shirt. Instructions will be included in your packet.

IF YOU WANT TO PICK UP YOUR PACKET EARLY, COME TO GREENHILL PARK ON FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 14th BETWEEN 11:30 AM AND 6 PM. This will only require you to be at the park 45 minutes prior to race start time. 

No Checks accepted on Friday or Race Day...

Tips and Safety

  • Wear your grubby clothes and old sneakers. (Most likely you won't be going home with these clothes.)
  • There will be showers and change tents for runners.
  • Bring a big trash bag so you can take your running clothes home without dirtying your vehicle.
  • Military type cammie (BDU) trousers work the best, but are not required.
  • Leave your jewelry at home. Many runners have lost rings and necklaces.
  • If you have long hair, it is best to put it up.
  • If you have a medical condition, that may impair you, please get an OK from your doctor.
  • Runners should consider wearing goggles when in the Mud Pits.
  • Drink fluids before, during and after your race. (Water and gatorade are best, stay away from sodas.)
  • Do not dive head first into the mud pit. The main Mud Pit is for low crawling only.
  • This is a fun run so help your neighbor if he or she needs help.
  • There will be a medical team that will follow the pack. There will also be Marines stationed along the course, including at the Mud Pits.
  • The Park will have a first aid and water station.
  • It is tradition for all team members to hold hands as they head to the finish line. This represents the Marines battle philosophy "never leave a man behind".
  • "If you do not come across the finish line as a team, the Marine Mud Police will send you back to retrieve your team and back to the mud pit you will go!
  • Any team that crosses over without their full five-person team holding hands will be disqualified.

Gear and Children

  • We are not responsible for any personal gear.
  • Be sure to take responsibility for the safety of your personal property.
  • Children must not be left unattended.

Organised by

Marine Mud Run

PO Box 12463, Roanoke

Phone: 540-556-7811

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