• "Steady 5KM" - Individual
  • "Steady 5KM" - Buddy (2 pax)
  • "Steady 5KM" - Loyal Runner (password is CASE SENSITIVE)
  • "Chiongster 10KM" - Individual
  • "Chiongster 10KM" - Buddy (2 pax)
  • "Chiongster 10KM" - Loyal Runner (password is CASE SENSITIVE)
  • Parent & Child 2KM Fun Run - Pair
  • Parent & Child 2KM Fun Run - Pair (Loyal Runner) (password is CASE SENSITIVE)
  • Parent & Child 2KM Fun Run - Additional Adult
  • Parent & Child 2KM Fun Run - Additional Child


Metta Charity Run 2018 returns this year with a “Singaporean” themed run in our efforts to spur the spirit of an inclusive society. Just like how Singlish has been regarded aless highly in favour of Standard English, our beneficiaries have experienced the same marginalisation for being “different”. Thus, our Singaporean themed Run hopes to celebrate the differences in our community and raise awareness towards the importance of diversity.


Being one of Metta Welfare Association's fundraising events, Metta Charity Run 2018 in its 9th year! It targets to raise $180,000 and proceeds will be directed towards the development of disability care, medical care, special education and early intervention programmes that Metta provides in aid of some 1,000 beneficiaries from across various races and religions. More information on our mission and services can be found on our website

Event details and schedule

Race Pack Collection Date: 8th & 9th September

Race Pack Collection Venue: Kallang Leisure Park (11am - 8pm)

Event Date: 29th September 2018

Event Venue: Angsana Green, East Coast Park

Event time: 6:30am - 11:30am

Organised by

Metta Welfare Association


Phone: 65804625 x4625

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