Mini Muscle Makers Summer Madness - 15 July 2018

Sunday 15th July 2018

Wood Street Village: Frog Grove Lane, Guildford, United Kingdom

Mud running, Running


 Mini Muscle Makers
Get outside and get muddy!!


Our small obstacle course race is for youngsters aged 6-12. The run is a great introduction to OCR and will give your child an opportunity to experience part of our course and negotiate manmade and natural obstacles.


The run will be good fun and a great opportunity to do some bonding with your child. The 1.4 mile Mini Muscle Maker course is a child friendly part of our adult course but with some extra obstacles thrown in to enhance their experience. This is a brilliant opportunity to introduce your child to this great and expanding sport at an early age and for them to get a medal for finishing.


Each Mini Muscle Maker must be accompanied by an adult.



Event details and schedule

Registration will open at 08:45 and close at 09:45.

Mini Muscle Maker run will start at 10:00

Please follow the signs and listen to our marshals who will direct you to the parking area and on to the registration tent.

Please arrive in plenty of time to park, register and get you and your child ready for the run.

If you have not signed your waiver online you will be required to sign one at registration.

Please bring your confirmation email to confirm your registration.

You and your child should wear lightweight clothing but avoid cotton, more details can be found on our web site. You will also need to bring a change of clothes for you and your child.

Spectators are allowed and dogs as long as they are on a lead and under control. If you are planning on running in the Muscle Acre event there must be another adult to look after your child while you are running. No children should be left to wander around our course unsupervised for safety reasons.

See you on the course.

Organised by

Muscle Acre Events

Lane. Wood Street Village 148 FROG GROVE LANE, Guildford

Phone: 01483 338950

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