• Running-5K - Individual Age group/open
  • Running-5K - Individual Age group/open
  • Running-5K - Individual Age group/open
  • Running-10K - Individual Age group/open


     5th annual Move it Move it 4 Mateah 5k, 10k event was birthed after our beautiful daughter Mateah was diagnosed with a devastating and debilitating neurological disorder called Rett Syndrome. 

     Among other things, Rett has stolen Mateah's ability to walk independently, use her hands purposefully and talk. 

      10% of this years funds will be donated to our non-profit host, Darbi's Gate and the Remaining 90% will be allocated to Rett Syndrome research! 

     Rett Syndrome has been reversed in Lab models. Not just once, but over and over again! It's a matter of time before that success translates into a cure.....potentially "unlocking" the hundreds of thousands of girls who are locked in a body that refuses to listen.  We believe it will happen! 

     It is likely that Rett will be the first genetically cured brain disorder and 

It is thought that a cure for Rett Could lead the way to cures for other neurological disorders.  

     We Move It because she can't....

     We will Move It until she can!!!!!

     Move it Move it for Mateah


This years event will be held at a stunning and historic location: 

Edness Kimball Wilkins State Park. 

One lap around the scenic park will satisfy our 5k-ers senses 

While a double lap (10k) will add to your experience as you catch what you missed the first the first time around! 


Live music and venders will make this event more than just a run.......


Dress code is Purple!!!!! 

Can't wait to see you there!!!!

Event details and schedule

Time line:


August 25, 2018

Edness Kimball Wilkins State Park


7:00am registration opens


7:50 program announcements


8:00am 10k start 


8:30am 5k start 


Course for 10k participants will be 2 laps around park


Course for 5k one lap


Waivers must be filled out for all participants regardless of age. 

Waivers can be electronically signed through the registration or the day of event. 


*Raffles and vendors 


Dress code: PURPLE! 


Can't wait to see you there!

Organised by

Move it move it for Mateah 5k and 10k hosted by Darbi's gate

2631 Lennox Ave, Casper

Phone: 3072779772

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